idiot parent: but how will i explain it to my children?

me: the same fucking way you’d explain a man and a woman, but now it’s either two women or two men

idiot parent: but my children theY wO’nT UnDERStANd iT!!

me: …

me: if you seriously believe that your children are incapable of understanding the concept of two people of the same sex being in love, then i would really worry more about your children’s iq level in general rather than using them as an excuse for being against gay marriage


Lin-Manuel Miranda on the Orlando gay nightclub shooting that happened on Latino night with the host of the party being a trans woman of color.

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Here’s the funny thing. It’s not your job to:

● decide if someone elses love is valid and real
● decide if someone else is less worthy because of their race or religion
● tell other people how to dress or act
● shut people out simply because they don’t agree with you

like no. Everyone is special, but not special as in “I can decide for and interfer in total strangers’ business even though it doesn’t affect me.” Do what makes you happy, but don’t think, for even a second, that you have the right to decide the value of another human’s life.


Reportage du Guardian sur la gay pride à Paris le 30 juin dernier, un mois après le premier mariage gay en France.