Can we just stop for a minute and think about the new Pope is all for gay rights?

I mean, guys, seriously. This is a major fucking deal. The head of the Roman Catholic church (a church, which, in the majority are against the LGBTQQIP community) has just said that the LGBT community should be treated with respect.

In fact, he said, “If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?”

I mean, admittedly he is still against women priests and says that gay sex is against the Bible and whatnot, but come on. This is a major step forward for us.


Sometimes I really do miss being hetero.

I mean, I love who I am, I love women, I love boobs and arses and legs and basically I’m a man. Everything about a woman just asdfghjkl.

But it’s so difficult. Like, there’s no defined relationship roles with gay/lesbian relationships. Like, traditionally (trying to be PC here and non offensive. Will probably fail), the men look after the women, and the women cook and clean and whatnot. The man is traditionally the strong one.

And I’m totally against gender stereotypes, because a lot of my hetero relationships relied on me being the strong one and not my partners, and I’m so not a stereotypical woman, but it’s so easy. I mean, if you want to defy it, good for you. It’s easy.

In lesbian relationships, there are very few definable ‘norms’ as such. Apart from the whole butch/femme thing that goes on. But who looks after who? Who pays for dinner? Who makes the first move? Who has the children? The non PC (and one I hate but it does sort of make sense) who is the man in the relationship.

It is so, so hard trying to second guess when it comes to lesbian relationships, really. 

Sometimes it makes me wish I was straight because it’s just easier. I just, women confuse the fuck outta me, and I am one!