“Gay rights” is not a Jewish cause.
Human rights & animal welfare are biblically commanded Jewish causes already.
Unless you’re a homosexual plant or microorganism, you’re covered under that.
Homosexual “orientation”, like other pagan myths, is never mentioned in Torah, however…
Homosexual sex between men is considered sin under Jewish law and between women is licentiousness and a rejection of the commandments (sin).
Likewise with promoting people pretending to be the other gender.
Those who experience homosexual urges are to stop the activity and pray for the urge to go away, not publicly revel in their sinful ways.
The natural order is not only recognized (Adam & Eve) but commanded (“Be fruitful & multiply”, “Thou shalt not do what is done in the land of Egypt”,“Thou shalt not lay with a man as with a woman”)
To promote sin is against Jewish law.
Promoting homosexuality is promoting sin, thus, against Jewish law.
Discussing your sexual activity in public(even for heterosexuals) is against modesty and family Purity laws.
Promoting violence against homosexuals is also promoting sin, and thus, against Jewish law.
If you’re Jewish and involved in the GLBTQQAAIWXYZ£¢€¥∆¶π√®©≠≥≤✓± movement, please do not flaunt your Jewishness alongside sin.
Perhaps you could go to shul and pray for HaShem to lead your life in a better direction.
If you’re Jewish and fighting against the influence of the GLBTQQAAIWXYZ£¢€¥∆¶π√®©≠≥≤✓± agenda, please do not promote violence against them or associate with those who do promote anti-GLBTQQAAIWXYZ£¢€¥∆¶π√®©≠≥≤✓± violence.
Whatever you do, please do not display a menorah or Magen David upon a “rainbow flag” (a symbol which once meant the Noahide covenant that has been perverted to symbolize sin) or a “pink triangle” (a symbol used by the Nazis to identify homosexual men in concentration camps). It’s a contradiction and it just feeds into Antisemitic tropes about Jews promoting degeneracy in society.
No human is perfect. We all sin.
Let’s just not build one’s entire lifestyle around reveling in sin.

Hey there.  Let’s get a couple of house keeping items out of the way before I introduce my amazing new blog.  My name is Josie and I am a queer Black woman.  I love photography, DIY projects, my cat Jonah, oh and films!  I wanted to start a new creative endeavor and was never able to comment on my friends tumblr’s because I’m not a member, so I decided to join up.  

Colourcore is my little piece of the internet to talk shop about films made by and with the talent of women, people of color and LGBTQQI folks. 

I’m embarrassed to admit, I can name 10 white male directors with film releases this year without much concentration, but struggle to remember a few female directors with 2011 releases.  That’s problematic for me.  I want to support work that I see myself in, not just in the physical, but in the story as well.  So, here I embark on a re-education of my love for film with not a splash, but a bucket full of color.  Welcome!

The ignorance of some people

So this is my rant, about my classmates. I asked about what if your child is gay some responded they wouldn’t want their kids to be gay because they are going to have a “hard life”. Last time I checked life in general is hard. Minority, LGBTQQI and Women we are the defintion of a hard life. Homophobia, sexism and racism. Then this other kid in my class said he would bascially abort his kid. This is just sad. Honestly. I think adults should pass a test to have kids anyways.

Coming out?

So last night I was haning out in my friend’s room with 2 friends (both gay men) and we were talking about life and how one of them is witching denominations so he can get ordained (because his church doesn’t ordain gays).

At one point one of my friends told me I put the ASS (And Straight Supporters) in BGLASS (Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians and Straight Supporters) and I was like “Well, I’m not too sure about that”. I’ve never seen his eyebrow go so high. I told them that I’m trying to figure that out so he said that I’m the Q in the LGBTQQI. I suppose. I informed him that I just really don’t like labels, which he understood but informed me that other people would label me. I love love. I love people. A person’s gender or sex does not matter to me. It is what is on the inside that is attractive. I find certain men, women and those that are genderfluid to be attractive.

Holy crap, did I just come out?


Girltrash! (2007) 

Starring Lisa Rieffel & Michelle Lombardo / Written & Directed by Angela Robinson

I was watching a Jamie Babbit film recently and randomly thought of this brash web series from a few years back.  If you haven’t seen it yet and like a little dyke drama with your crime comedies, then I definitely recommend setting aside an hour to watch the full series on youtube!

Robinson’s previous directorial work includes D.E.B.S, which I still can’t bring myself to watch, but I expect Girltrash! attracts a different type of fan.  

Look out for Rose Rollins (The L Word) Mandy Musgrave & Gabrielle Christian (South of Nowhere) and the one and only Margaret Cho!!!


pretty much covers it

…but that’s a lot to spout out, and kind of an eyesore on print…

I try to use LGBTQ. “Q” can cover both questioning and queer, and one could debate that intersex can fall under queer…

no way trying to exclude anyone…it’s just easier to say LGBT and LGBTQ. less of a tongue twister.