Would anyone be interested in an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with Wes Anderson aesthetics, a real 80s vibe, a fun script adapted from the original play, a teen cast, and all LGBTQIAP characters and lots of diversity? 

the reason why heteronormativity is harmful is that i, as a bisexual person, need to come out, i need to feel so nervous i am shaking so that i can reveal to my relatives that i am not straight, i need to fear homophobic reactions, being rejected by friends. i am relieved when i get good reactions, so so relieved. my sexual orientation is seen as not normal. i’m marginalized in society. since i’m bi i’m even more invisible to society. like loads of people think i don’t exist.

so when we, from the lgbtqiap+ community, like to discuss about a celebrity who might be queer.. like how is it harmful. how. is. it. harmful. why is it harmful for this person if we say they’re queer. please EXPLAIN. 

Hey friends if any of my followers who are queer/NCNS/LGBTQIAP+ are stressed out about the weird shit and nasty responses from both cishet and non-cishet people that have been happening in response to that one ask response, I’m sorry you’re feeling shitty, please do whatever you need to do to feel more comfortable (and if that means temporarily unfollowing me or blacklisting “q slur” or blocking that post, please do it. Your comfort is the most important thing to me). Y’all are beautiful and important and I appreciate all of you, and if anyone wants to vent, you’re more than welcome to come vent to me or talk with me <3

I made this and I know I might have missed some out. If I have I’m sorry but just tell me. I missed out part of how I identify myself.
But I am genderqueer (Nonbinary). And specifically gender fluid as I shift between genders.
I have only missed ones I didnt know existed when I made this but so far I have missed
Grey Aromantic
Grey asexual

anonymous asked:

Sorry if I sound ignorant but I've never heard NCNS before. What does that mean?

Non-cis/non-straight. It’s an umbrella term that some people use because they don’t like to use queer, variations on LGBTQIAP+, GRSM or MOGAII.

17-year old Ohio transgender teen Leelah Alcorn took her life last weekend. Her Tumblr posts were tragic, but her Reddit posts pose serious questions about how she was treated.

I think that everybody interested in the Leelah Alcorn story needs to read this, because it is proof positive that her parents were fucking lying on CNN and her situation was even worse than the suicide note implied.

We need more queer genre movies.

Give me gay action heroes and lesbian super-spies and genderqueer androids and trans werewolves. Give me bisexual pirates and lesbian detectives and queer spaceship captains. Give me pansexual space cowboys and queer elves and lesbian mermaids. I want them all. Because “LGBT” should not be a genre in its own right.

why I've started using MOGAI

(Marginalised Orientations, Gender Alignments, and Intersex)

- a blanket term referring to everyone who isn’t a dyadic cisgender heterosexual and heteroromantic person.

  • it’s shorter, more inclusive and easier to pronounce than LGBTQIAP+
  • not a slur like “queer”
  • doesn’t have a history of including dyadic cishet kinksters, paedophiles, or rapists like GSRM (Gender, Sexual and Romantic Minorities) 
  • doesn’t include dyadic cishet women while excluding binary trans men like MOGII (Marginalised Orientations, Gender Identities, and Intersex) 
  • Allies can’t take the “A”, because “Marginalised Orientations, Gender Allies, and Intersex” wouldn’t make the least bit of sense

EDIT: to clear up some confusion regarding the fourth bullet point -  “Marginalised Orientations, Gender Identities and Intersex” includes dyadic cishet women, because their gender identity (female) is marginalised. At the same time, it excludes binary trans men, who are not oppressed for their gender identity (male), but for their gender alignment (trans).

SECOND EDIT: A couple of people have pointed out that not everyone who technically fits this description is comfortable with using “marginalised” to describe themselves. This is why I will be using MOGAI to mean “Minority Orientations, Gender Alignments and Intersex” in the future. If enough people get behind it, I do think we can change the meaning.

THIRD EDIT: I have been informed that “minority” is a PoC-exclusive term, so I guess I’ll just stick with “marginalised” for now and keep an eye out for a better term than MOGAI.

so now that the trans* clothes swap is a thing, lets go over some donation etiquette
  • dont use the trans* clothes swap as a way to get rid of all your shitty old clothes what are you a fucking philistine
  • dont give someone clothes with holes or stains ok dont do that thats really shitty
  • wash everything before sending it - how would you feel if someone sent you some pants smelling like they came straight off their fuckin body show a little respect
  • be respectful to the person running the blog and the person receiving your clothes (and visa versa)
  • dont expect that youre gonna get something in return ok if youre only doing this to get something out of it then you need to gtfo because your clothes probably smell like shit because thats what you are
  • CIS! PEOPLE! DO! NOT! GET! TO! TAKE! ANYTHING! oh my god are you fucking serious dont even think about this the trans* clothes swap is a way to help TRANS AND GENDERQUEER people get the clothes they need to look and feel the way they want to and should - not your fucking personal shopper. allow me to say as a cis person that if you are cis and you try to take anything you are the scum of the earth and you need to go curl up in a hole and die probably