The fact that there are so many allies believing the A is theirs is so ironic to me. It’s for aromantic and asexual. By insisting the A is yours, you’re erasing an entire group of people from the LGBT+ community. You’re actively erasing queer people. If you insist on taking the A from me, then you are absolutely no ally to me because you are hurting us more than you are helping.

  • Parents:you can be whoever you want to be when you grow up.
  • Parents:just don't be gay.
  • Parents:or dye your hair.
  • Parents:no piercings or tattoos either.
  • Parents:you can't dress like that! Those clothes are for boys.
  • Parents:why do you want to have a boys haircut? You're a GIRL
  • Parents:you can be anything you want to be:)))))

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anonymous asked:

I'm kind of surprised. How can you as a bisexual not recognize that there definitely is monosexual privilege and that a lot of biphobia comes from gay people?

  1. Monosexual privilege literally cannot exist. In order for a group of people to have societal privilege, they need to have societal power, which gay people don’t. Of course I recognise that there are biphobic gay people, but that’s horizontal aggression, not oppression. The people I am oppressed by as a bisexual person - that is, the people in control of the legal and societal forces against me - are straight people.
  2. Any discourse that uses “monosexual” to speak about straight and gay people simultaneously and then attempts to use it in relation to privilege and oppression is absurd, as if straight and gay people are remotely equal when it comes to privilege and oppression.
  3. It’s incredibly US/UK-centric, and totally ignores the existence of the many places in the world where being gay is punishable by death and gay people have no social status whatsoever, let alone a marginal amount more than any other queer group.
  4. Lots of the things that people list as “monosexual privilege” simply don’t widely apply (particularly to lesbians).
  5. Almost invariably, the straight people who are biphobic but “not homophobic” actually are homophobic and insecure. 

What really upsets me is that a lot of people think they’re polite by assuming and defending the fact that people are straight. They make the polite assumption that two women holding hands or being touchy are “just good friends,” they act as if they are defending a character’s honor when they condescendingly tell fans “you know he’s straight right? Don’t make it weird.” People are programmed to think heterosexuality is the default to the extent that people still feel any alternative is taboo or improper, we can’t claim equality when this kind of malicious thinking is still being directed at queer people on a microlevel at every second of every day.

Hey guys, just wanted to remind u all that queerplatonic relationships are more than ‘just friendships’
Queerplatonic is a word used to describe a deep emotional connection between two ppl tht transcends friendship but is not romantic in nature
QPR’s are most often found among aromantic ppl but othr lgbtqiap ppl can nd do have queerplatonic partners
QPR’S are vry real nd valid nd theyre all wonderful
So next time u wanna harrass an aromantic person for “not knowing what friendship is” , shut the fuck up