I just want a rom com f/f [netflix] movie where the two main characters aren’t sexualized in any way. Where they fall in love and their clothes stay on. Just cute acts of affection, romantic yet pure touches, simply awkwardly but sweetly getting to know one another until they realize that it’s love. Beautiful and colorful cinematography, a fresh story line, an unknown woc actress (preferably a black girl) as ½ of the main coupling.

Love Simon did it. TATBILB did it. So get on it Netflix. I want this more than anything.

As a bisexual dude I’m chronically conflicted over the conspicuous tendency in popular media for textually bisexual male characters to be depicted as literal demons, because on the one hand, as a trend that sort of thing has all kinds of gross subtext – but on the other hand, horns and fangs are, like, super hot.


Video: Marceline kisses Princess Bubblegum!!!

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Just curious, what's the difference between the rainbow flag and the one with the black and brown stripes on top?

This is the Philly pride flag, meant to be an inclusionary way to represent black and brown people in the LGBTQIA+ community, since thereโ€™s a huge history of racism in the community even though LGBTQIA+ POC are more likely to face violence because of the intersection of those facets of their identity, especially black trans women

This is the version you know, which is a simplification of this flag from 1979 due to the fact that lampposts in San Franciscoโ€™s Market Streetย would obscure the middle stripe:

Which, in turn, is a simplification of this flag, because of the unavailability of pink fabric:

The colors of which had these meanings:

And was made to represent the entire community, not just gay men as is commonly believed.ย 

Tldr bc whoops this turned into a short history lesson: the difference is basically the Philly flag is an effort to reaffirm the communityโ€™s commitment to combatting racism in our community and offering support to LGBTQIA+ POC while the rainbow flag is meant as a symbol for the community as a wholeย 

chubby lesbians are cute. fat lesbians are beautiful. butch lesbians are amazing. hairy lesbians are radiant. trans lesbians are gorgeous. unfashionable lesbians are superb. older lesbians are powerful. lesbians who aren’t considered attractive by society are brilliant. you don’t need to fit the standards of what men find “hot” in girls to be valid as a lesbian, a girl out there is going to think you’re the best person she’s seen in her life and that’s what matters.

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Thesis: one major reason that straight dude writers keep accidentally writing male protagonists who read as gay or bisexual is because they have no close friends in real life, so the only model for non-familial emotional intimacy they have to draw on is how they interact with their SOs.