Jake Zyrus Opens Up About Coming Out As Trans in the Spotlight & Inspiration Behind New Music: 'It's My Survival Song'
After perhaps becoming the biggest pop star to emerge from the Philippines, Jake Zyrus -- formerly Charice -- speaks out about transitioning in the public eye, his musical inspirations for his latest single "Diamond," and nearly losing his life after coming out.

“I didn’t want it to be another inspirational song where we tell people it’s going to be okay. I wanted a song telling the world that it’s okay not to be okay” Jake Zyrus 💙💗💙

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Darkgender Pride Flag

Darkgender: A type of colorgender; a gender that can be described with the absence of color or can be described with dark colors/shades, or a gender that feels as though it is absent of color or is of dark colors/shades, or a gender that relates to the absense of color or relates to dark colors/shades.

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See also: nyctogender and blankgender. ~ ap

How beautiful is this cover?

I had a look around Gayโ€™s The Word today, which Iโ€™ve read is, sadly, the only surviving LGBTQIA+ bookshop in the UK. It was great being around so many fiction and non-fiction queer books all in one place and I discovered so many I want to read! And it didnโ€™t just have gay, lesbian and bi reads, but also sections for other sexualties like asexuality and ace ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

I just want a rom com f/f [netflix] movie where the two main characters aren’t sexualized in any way. Where they fall in love and their clothes stay on. Just cute acts of affection, romantic yet pure touches, simply awkwardly but sweetly getting to know one another until they realize that it’s love. Beautiful and colorful cinematography, a fresh story line, an unknown woc actress (preferably a black girl) as ½ of the main coupling.

Love Simon did it. TATBILB did it. So get on it Netflix. I want this more than anything.