My friend sent me this, saying that she got sent a funny video and she was genuinely laughing at it before she forwarded it to me. I am appalled and outraged by not only the treatment of the poor woman in the video, but also by people’s disgusting reactions to the video and to other horrendous things that happen to those part of the lgbtq+ community. This needs to stop now.


        “Ugh.” I fell onto the book in front of me, my face buried in the pages.

        “What?” Rose moved closer to me, the both of us lying on our stomachs on the bed.

        I propped up on my elbows. “Math is not my thing. This sucks.”

        She giggled, kissing me. “You can do it, babe.”

        I grinned, tackling Rose.

        “Hey!” She was laughing as I rolled her on her back, my body hovering above hers. I kissed her cheeks, peppering her face with tiny kisses that made her erupt in the cutest laughter.

        “Suze!” She screamed. “It tickl-”

        “What the hell is going on in here?”

        I scrambled backwards off the bed, and Rose pushed up into a seated position. “Mom? What are you doing home?”

        “Me? This is my home!” My mother was standing in the doorway to my room. The door hadn’t been closed. “Well, I need to speak to you.” She turned around with a huff, walking into the living room. Her hair was teased up and curled, her makeup slightly too cheap. I looked to Rose, who had a concerned look on her face, her eyes wide and lower lip poked out.

        I walked over to her, running my hand across her cheek and down to cup her chin. “It’s okay.” I gently kissed her.

        My mom was standing by the window, her usual theatric pose. She was looking out, a shawl thrown across one shoulder, attempting a pained look. I swear she thought she was an actress instead of a secretary.


        She slowly turned her head to look at me. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.”

        I crossed my arms, fighting the urge to roll my eyes. “Tell you what?”

        She turned around, one hand pressed to her chest. “That you are a lesbian.” Her voice was practically a whisper.

        “I didn’t realize I need to.”

        A sharp inhale. “I am your mom. You should be honest with me-”

        “But are you?” I couldn’t help the edge of aggravation.

        “Am I what?”

        “Are you my mom? You might be my mother, but you are not a mom.”

        “Suzanne! I cannot believe you would say such a thing!”

        “You are never home! When’s the last thing you had a meal with me, came to any of my games, actually heard about my day?”

        “You don’t try to-”

        “No!” I clenched my fists. “You don’t try! You are always out with some guy or another, and I don’t care. I couldn’t care less what you do with your time. But you can’t come in here acting like your absence is on me.”

        “I just cannot believe you are acting like this. I raised you be-”

        “You didn’t raise me! This isn’t about me or Rose or anything. Everything is always about you!” She opened her mouth, but I cut her off again. “You asked me to come out here, but you didn’t ask anything. You didn’t ask what her name is or how long we had been together. You didn’t try to tell me you support me or anything. You just made it all about you.”

        “You should’ve told your own mother.”

        “This is what I mean! It’s not even about me being gay. Maybe I want it to be! Maybe I want my mom to ask about my girlfriend and my life, but instead you are standing here, thinking that MY sexuality is all about you.”

        “I am-”

        The front door slammed closed. “Suze! I’m home.” My brother walked into the house.

        “Don’t tell him.”

        My mother crossed her arms. “Oh, so he doesn’t know?”

        “No, Mother, and it is my secret to tell.”

        “Hey, there you are.” He walked over and hugged me, noticing our mother standing there. “Oh, hey, Mom. I didn’t expect you to be home. I was fixing to start dinner.”

        “I am going out with Ramón tonight.”

        He nodded, turning back towards the kitchen.

        “Don’t say a thing,” I hissed. She just cut her eyes back towards the window.

        “Suze?” Dalvin stuck his head around the corner. “Is Rose eating with us tonight?”

        “Yes,” I smiled brightly, “she is.”

        “Oh, so he knows her,” she muttered.

        I rolled my eyes. “Yes, because he actually comes home.” I turned to my room, shutting the door behind me.



Tom Holland defending his partner’s pronouns.

Homosexuality is Now Decriminalized in Trinidad & Tobago

Photo: AP / Mark Lennihan

On Thursday, Justice Devindra Rampersad, a high court judge in Trinidad and Tobago, ruled that a colonial-era law criminalizing gay sex is unconstitutional.

“The court declares that sections 13 and 16 of the [Sexual Offenses Act] are unconstitutional, illegal, null, void, invalid and of no effect to the extent that these laws criminalise any acts constituting consensual sexual conduct between adults,” Justice Rampersad wrote.

The ruling came after LGBTQ+ activist and Trinidad and Tobago citizen Jason Jones filed a lawsuit against the country’s attorney general. The lawsuit claimed that Sections 13 and 16 of the Sexual Offenses Act, which criminalize “buggery,” an outdated term for anal sex, and “serious indecency” respectively, infringed on his right to privacy and freedom of expression.

Jones expressed his excitement over the ruling on Twitter.