lgbtq jokes

The second weapon from my Orientation Armory series – Battleaxe Bi! 

It’s an axe. It has multiple cutting edges. There’s a joke in here somewhere, I just feel it.

Color inspiration was taken from the Bi flag, which is honestly so pretty on its own! I had a TON of fun designing this one.

Choose your weapon and wield it with pride!

SUPPORT (OR BE!) YOUR LOCAL BATTLEAXE BI…by buying this design on a variety of items including stickers at my Redbubble!

June: Gay Pride 
(because we are FABULOUS, bitch!)

July: Gay Wrath 
(because we are sick 
of the heteronormative bullshit–

August: Gay Sloth 
(because we’re going to need
to rest after a solid month of tearing down
the white patriarchy that oppresses us all)

September: Gay Gluttony 
(because we gotta bulk up 
so we can hibernate through winter)

October: Gay Pride 2, Hocus Pocus Style