Gay couple makes history in South Africa with birth of triplets
It's the first recorded occurrence for a same-sex couple in the country.

Christo and Theo Menelaou have become the first same-sex couple in South Africa to have children born of both parents’ DNA through a surrogate mother.

Each of the men fertilized a single egg, and their surrogate had triplets (including a set of twins). Each child doesn’t contain both of the men’s DNA, but technology is in the works that could make that happen one day.

“When you are gay, there is always the thought that it just may not be possible to be a parent no matter how much you would love to be,” Christo Menelaou told Sky News. “It’s very hard to be accepted for adoption and we were told we would always come after heterosexual couples. And then we just never thought we’d ever find a person who would want to be surrogate to a gay couple.”

According to The New York Daily News, while the birth of the triplets to a same-sex couple is a recorded first in South Africa, a similar birth occurred in America on June 28.

South Africa has strict laws when it comes to surrogacy, according to Sky News, and both the surrogate and her husband had to both appear before a judge and sign documents “insist[ing] they all agreed and were willing participants and no money would be exchanged (aside from expenses incurred as a result of the pregnancy).”

Science is so cool. Love is so cool. Congratulations, Dads. 

This is the story of a black transgender lesbian. Before you steel yourself for a long litany of pain, let me not bury the lede; this piece is largely innocent of the long litany of pain. Part of why I wrote this is because I can tell a story about transition and, while being perfectly honest, have not a scene that involves the back of a police car, or being arrested for prostitution, or even engaging in any kind of sex work. There’s no period of homelessness and no vignettes where I wake up in a hospital, lucky to be alive. My life is quotidian and it is that very character that makes my story worth telling.
—  Why I Had To Come Out As A Black Trans Woman | Adrienne Kincaid for the Huffington Post
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