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Bea Arthur’s wealth will be used to build an LGBTQ youth homeless shelter in NYC

A brand-new homeless shelter serving LGBTQ youth in New York City’s East Village will open early next year — and it’s all thanks to comedian and beloved Golden Girl Bea Arthur. Arthur, who died in 2009, left $300,000 to the Ali Forney Center, an organization that provides support for homeless LGBTQ young people. The center will pay tribute to Arthur in a big way in return.

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random question but do you have a FAVORITE gay-themed movie? and can you recommend some good ones? sorry i know it's a weird question

oh darling i’m a complete film geek so it’s not a weird question at all  :)

if i had to pick one favourite then it would definitely be Weekend. it’s so brutally honest, both in the way it’s shot and in it’s directing and acting. and also, when i was watching it for the first time (with headphones on) i had to hold a pillow in front of my face because i felt like i was watching two people through a key hole and i felt like i was intruding on their private life. if a film makes you feel like that then you know it’s good.

as for the recommendation bit i have to say that there are a lot of absolutely terrible LGBTQ films out there, full of clichés and “for-effect” plots. but here are some “gay themed” films that i would actually recommend watching:

and yes, i’ve intentionally picked films that involves younger people, since i think that speaks to tumblr more. and i would urge you not to be discouraged by the fact that ½ of these are not in english. i can tell you that if you’ve chosen not to watch films in the past just because they’re not in english then you’ve missed out on a glorious slice of life, trust me.

Imagine how happy Gansey would be when he found out Ronan and Adam were together. He would be so happy. His besties are dating that is amazing. Suddenly his instagram is full of candid shots of the two of them holding hands or curled up in the back of the Pig. A local shelter for LGBTQ youth suddenly has a huge annual donation. Various senators are being cornered at cocktail parties by Richard Gansey III about the state of gay rights in America. He plans his best man speech right away. He is that one friend who coos and sets up mistletoe.
Gansey would be the biggest Ronan and Adam shipper okay.

friendly reminder to all my fellow aces:
- in real life LGBTQ+ spaces are very friendly and welcoming to aro/ace people
- “”“"discoursers”“”“ and gatekeepers on tumblr DO NOT represent the vast majority of the community
- if you ever call an LGBTQ+ suicide hotline or go to an LGBTQ+ shelter or whatever, you will be welcomed with open arms bc nobody is going to turn away someone who’s been discriminated against or hurt bc of their identity
- basically if you need a safe space out there in the actual world that matters, it exists and, yeah, it exists in the LGBT community