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NEW VIDEO: “Stonewall: The Story of Resistance- today marks 48 years since the Stonewall riots, a resistance that many consider to be the start of the LGBTQ+ rights movement. i never learned our history in school, & for most queer kids, our history is still self-taught. that’s why i made today’s video.

to commemorate today’s anniversary, i’d love if you reblogged & spread the story of what happened 48 years ago & how it sparked a revolution.




Let's talk about the "Drop the T" movement.

So, the last couple years y'all may have noticed a movement taking hold on both conservative and radical exclusionist gay circles called “Drop the T.” This movement, started possits that the LGBTQ movement is only the Gay movement and everything else is “appropriation” of Gay History.

This is, of course, total horse shit for a large number of reasons, so I’m going to go in point by point deconstructing this shit:

1) These people say, “It was gay people, not BTQ, that were targeted.” This is false even on it’s face. Even if you want to say trans people weren’t there because Stonewall happened in a time when the term trans wasn’t in popular usage (more on that in point 4), there were sure as shit crossdressers there, and they were ALWAYS the first ones targeted and carted off. The night of Stonewall, Storm DeLaverie, who wasn’t trans, was “Crossdressing” and the first arrested, so we’re Marsha Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, who were trans. And guess what? Those three were the first to fight back. We owe this movement to them, and how dare you revise and erase our history for your ideology.

2) They point to Sodomy laws as proof it was gay people specifically targeted, while forgetting the existence of Crossdressing Laws, which were on the books LONGER THAN SODOMY LAWS. In New York, y'know where Stonewall happened, there were Anti Crossdressing Laws on the books until 2011 while they eliminated sodomy laws in the 1970’s! There was a federal ban on sodomy laws in 2003, Lawrence v Texas, but still none for Anti-Crossdressing laws.

3) “People were arrested because they were homosexual, not bi or trans.“ No, they just didn’t care if were apart of the L, G, B, or T, we were Queers that had to be Taken Care Of. Why do you think we banded together in the first place?

4) The Nazis’ first target for book burnings was Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, which was the first medical institute to perform Sex Reassignment Surgery in the 1930s and the works of Magnus Hirchfeld, who coined the term “Transsexual.” The reason “trans people didn’t exist” in the time of Stonewall is because it took us almost half a century for us to recover. You’ll notice quite a few of Stonewall Veterans who were “crossdressers” back in the day, ID’d as trans later in life when the language became available again. The Nazis were the first to try this, and they wiped us off the face of the Earth for decades.

5) Divide and Conquer. We are strong together, and weak apart. It is an attempt to weaken our movement now that it isn’t specifically focused on helping topass legislation benefit only cis gay people. We fought for your rights, and now you got yours so screw us? Fuck that. It’s ENDA, when Barney Frank and the HRC pushed to exclude trans people so they could have it for themselves, all over again.

6) It’s apart of a larger transphobic movement in which conservatives and radical exclusionists teamed up. Remember when the Reagan administration banned funding for trans healthcare? Yeah, they used writings of Janice Reymond as supporting evidence. These groups wrote to the fucking UN to have trans rights removed from International Human Rights laws. They team up for bathroom legislation, including sending cis men into women’s bathrooms to scare cis women into supporting bathroom legilsation. ENDA. What did we do that’s equivalent to that? Why do you despise us so much?

You have no basis for your movement, not histrocial, not political, not anything other than pure hatred. Go fuck yourselves. We’ll eliminate exclusionist before trans people.



The best part of the video may be when Jackson addresses the comments she’s heard about her daughter and sets the record straight about statements like you “wanted a girl so you turned your child into one” and “kids have no idea what they want or who they are – my kids wants to be a dog, should I let him?”

So watch the full video to see her answers to those difficult questions here.

Quick shout out to all of the white people supporting POC struggles, the straight people supporting the LGBT+ struggles, Christians supporting all Muslim(and other religions’) struggles, and all the able-bodied people supporting disabled people’s struggles. Thanks for being a decent human being to people less privileged than you despite how easy it would be for you to turn around and become part of the problem.


Sorry for being hella gay but I love my girlfriend so much. She has come into my life and turned me into the happiest person in the entire world. She is beautiful, talented, funny, and so kind. Never has someone cared so deeply for me, and shown me how real love can be. I have never been able to picture sharing a home with someone, or a time when I wouldn’t have to wait until we can see each other again, but with her it all seems so realistic. And above that, I never thought I could be open with who I am. To my queer youth: true love is out there! Everything truly gets so much better.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been presented with the argument that fighting assimilation takes attention away from the “real” battle, which is fighting anti-gay violence. Assimilation IS violence, not just violent cultural erasure, by the violence of stepping on anyone who might get in the way of your upward mobility.
—  Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, That’s Revolting - Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation

anonymous asked:

the idea that trans folks were excluded from the lgbt community relies on the idea that there is a hard difference between gender identity and sexuality, which is a very very new one. throughout stonewall and our early history as a community, gay men/trans women and lesbians/trans men were essentially seen as one category, so the idea that one excluded another is ahistorical. that being said, ofc cis-lgbt folks can be exactly as transphobic as non-lgbt folks and that does need to be addressed

I don’t know how people can essentially back up my argument without understanding what I’m saying about exclusion.

So here’s what I mean:

Excluded from the language, because there was no popular language that would include bi and trans at the time.

Excluded from the acronym, both historically and now with discussions to “drop the T”.

Excluded from activist efforts, as evidenced by the fact that cisgay orgs have a history of dropping trans people’s concerns from their campaigns (the ENDA, marriage “equality”, etc) and then doing nothing to continuously support trans people after their own interests have been met (just look at the current wave of bathroom bills in the US).

Excluded from media about the very events they were part of, such as the travesty that was the Stonewall movie, directed by a cis gay man who made it about white cis gay men.

Excluded right the fuck here on Tumblr, by making “gay” the supposed umbrella term when you all know it doesn’t work very well as one. Apparently gay people having their own term isn’t important as long as it can be used to erase MGA and trans people from default consideration?

And so on, and so forth.

I mean, that’s the point. Trans people have always been around! And this is what’s constantly being undermined by large swathes of our own supposed community. Especially in retrospect, because you all know now that trans people are a distinct category, but it’s like that piece of information doesn’t alter your interpretation of the events any.

The idea that trans people have always been treated as equals by the “LGBT community” is ahistorical. The push to separate this treatment from the currently acceptable exclusion of aces is ahistorical too.

May 16th is Honor Our LGBT Elders Day.

Today, let’s remember our history and acknowledge that while the world we live in today is not a perfect place it’s still better than it was 50, 40, even 10 years ago, and that that didn’t happen by accident.

Let’s remember the LGBTQ+ people who fought and died for our rights so that we would live in a world that was more accepting than the one they lived in.
Specifically, let’s acknowledge the people who fought and died for LGBTQ+ rights but whose roles are still forgotten and ignored by us today, whose names many of us don’t even know.

Marsha P. Johnson–the black trans woman who started the Stonewall Riots which grew into the LGBTQ+ rights movement as we know it, who co-founded STAR (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries) through which she supported young drag queens, trans women, and other homeless kids, whose mysterious death in 1992 is STILL unsolved.

Storme DeLarverie–the butch lesbian drag queen, singer, and bodyguard who fought back against the police during the riots, whose obituary described her as “Tall, androgynous and armed…She literally walked the streets of downtown Manhattan like a gay superhero. … She was not to be messed with by any stretch of the imagination.”

Sylvia Rivera–the then 17 year old puerto rican trans woman who was one of the first bystanders to throw a bottle, who dedcated her life to helping homeless trans women, who was a founding member for the Gay Liberation Front and Gay Activists Alliance and with Marsha P. Johnson co-founded STAR.

Tammy Novak, Allyson Allante (who was only 14 when she was arrested), Diane Kearney, Zazu Nova, Miss Peaches, and so many more people whose names most of us do not know, so many people who are still alive today and still fighting for LGBTQ+ rights.

Don’t forget LGBTQ+ history. Don’t forget the people who made it. Don’t take the world we live in today for granted.