lgbtq christians

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Trans guys are allowed to and desire to be strictly masculine in their presentation.
Yes gender norms are total horse manure but I’m a guy who wants to present entirely masculine. Not just androgynous.
Stop telling trans people that ‘you of all people should understand that boys should wear dresses or makeup, too!’ I wanted to die when I wore dresses and I don’t think that’s changed. I don’t mind makeup but even still I don’t wear it in a way that society sees as typically feminine so leave me and other masculine trans guys alone!!!
If you’re a trans guy who doesn’t feel comfortable presenting typically feminine in any way this post is for you. I totally understand. You aren’t a bad person and you aren’t reinforcing negative gender stereotypes.

On Good Friday 2017, someone chained a cross to the fence on Gay Street in NYC. 3 days later, they put it on Micah Latter’s gate- so she bought some Champagne, texted ‘we’re rainbow painting the cross’ to the neighbors, and over 50 people came to help. They also superglued the locks to keep the cross in place, because it 'belongs to the street now.’ Source Source 2

Wow. Religious LGBTQ+ are just so wonderful. 

Pagans? They’re stars 

Muslims? They’re the greatest™

Christians? They’re heckin rad

Jews? They deserve ice cream and warm hugs

Sikhs? They raised my GPA and cured my asthma 

Buddhists? They bless this world with their very presence

Hindus? Can’t get better than these guys

Shintoists? They’re A+++ human beings 

Taoists? They’re about as wonderful as kittens

LGBTQ+ who religiously cover their heads (especially trans boys and nb ppl)? It makes me so happy knowing they exist

In conclusion, LGBTQIA+ people who are religious are great and deserving of so many good things. Be kind to them.

Conservatives are trying to rebrand gay conversion therapy as “Christian counseling”

  • What’s in a name? Well, as it turns out, a lot.
  • Protesting a Democratic-backed bill that would classify practitioners of gay conversion therapy as “fraudulent,” online Christian group The Resurgent is claiming Democrats are trying to impinge on its religious freedom. 
  • Rather than calling the practice of trying to change someone’s sexual orientation  "conversion therapy,“ they’ve relabeled it as ”Christian counseling.“
  • "There’s no medical condition known as being gay,” representative Ted Lieu, a sponsor of the bill, told the Washington Post
  • “LGBTQ people were born perfect; there is nothing to treat them for. And by calling this what it should be, which is fraud, it would effectively shut down most of the organizations.” Read more (5/2/17)

If someone is religious and queer, they’re not a hypocrite. They are valid. There’s nothing wrong whatsoever with believing in and worshiping a God and being gay or trans/nonbinary. I’m not a religious person at all, but just because LGBT is a sin in your God’s eyes, doesn’t mean someone isn’t in a religion. If you’re a gay Christian or trans Christian (other religions too), then you are valid and loved. 🏳️‍🌈

what a great day for remembering that Marvin is a gay man attracted exclusively to men and to say otherwise erases the experiences of millions of gay men forced into heterosexual relationships because of internalized homophobia and societal pressure, especially in the twentieth century