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1. What You Own

2. I’ll Cover You

3. Take Me or Leave Me

4. La Vie Boheme

5. Seasons of Love

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do you know any fantasy and/or historical fiction books with an enby wlw in them???

I could only find a few explicit ones so I cheated a little and put in some scifi books on the list as well so hopefully you’ll find something you’ll like here! 

  • And since the list is so short I’ll also recommend one comic book series I enjoyed reading called We(l)come Back. There’s 8 issues which have been collected in 2 volumes (1, 2). While the characters are both implied to identify as female in this timeline they’re basically reincarnations who fall in love with each life but “live” as different people (and different genders, some of which are shown in the comic as well) so you can argue that they’re both genderfluid and pansexual. But hey wlw soulmates!

If someone knows any other books that are out there, please let us know!

  • <p> <b>My future child:</b> why is my cousin's name rose?<p/><b>Me:</b> because your aunt loves roses<p/><b>My future child:</b> then where'd you get my name from?<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm busy now, The Range Of Diversity In Rick Riordan's Books<p/></p>
LGBT community stop being straight/cis phobic


Straight people matter, straight people birth you and created this world. The least you can do is respect them.

All you people are trying to do is fight fire with fire. You cant ask for acceptance and bash straight people on the other hand. And dont forget the awfull double standards your community has “dont straightwash characters” but it is fine if you turn characters into queers and mentall ill patients.

LGBT community you have a lot of problems to look into.


The Team

Samira Wiley as Moira

The former Orange is the New Black star will be featured on the upcoming Hulu series, The Handmaid’s tale. The actress plays Offred’s (Elisabeth Moss) college friend and fellow handmaiden who rebels against the totalitarian theocracy she is forced to live under. The character is a lesbian, that has resisted the homophobia of the new society.


Hey guys! I know representation is so important in the LGBTQ+ community especially for youth so I decided to make a list of confirmed LGBTQ+ characters! Now disclaimer these are characters who’s creators have confirmed their sexuality or gender. Obviously I support you head cannoning any character as LGBTQ+ but in this list we are only talking cannon.

Asexual: Todd from Bojack Horseman is openly asexual and comes out in an emotional conversation with his supportive gf!

Gay: Eugene from Hey Arnold! Has been confirmed to be gay by the shows creators and they explain he doesn’t really know he is gay yet!

Bisexual: Marceline The Vampire Queen has been confirmed to be bisexual and her relationship with her now ex gf PB is cannon! It hasn’t been talked about on the show so it doesn’t get banned in countries where homosexuality is illegal.

Pansexual: Creators confirmed Ricks sexuality after his relationship with the hive mind unity where he seems to be sexually attracted to everyone unity is in control of.

Lesbian: This one is pretty self explanatory if you’ve seen the show but Pearl has said she was in love with Rose Quartz and show interest in other female characters.

These are a few I found, sadly I had trouble finding Trans and Non binary characters that aren’t the butt of some joke. If you know of any or any other confirmed LGBTQ+ characters please add them to this list! I’d love to see more characters like this!

As previously established in the show Young Justice, villain Queen Bee’s powers are said to only work on most men and some women (implictly straight men, bi people, and lesbians). This was further underlined in the flashback issue featuring the death of Garfield Logan (Beast Boy)’s mum, Marie, where Queen Bee is shown stroking her face affectionately before making her drive off a cliff.

In the 2014 Young Justice panel at Gallifrey One, the original panel as written by Greg Weisman and drawn by Christoper Jones with Marie and Bee was a bit more clear about what was going on here, only to be told by Editorial that they weren’t allowed to show even the moment prior to them kissing.

Greg Weisman points out in the Young Justice panel that in the very next scene Queen Bee was shown doing the exact some thing to a guy, but that was apparently OK.