lgbtq birthdays


If you are questioning, you don’t have to label your orientation or gender if you don’t want to. Labels are for you to choose, not for others to place on you.

"I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually." - James Baldwin

The world’s definitions are one thing and the life one actually lives is quite another. One cannot allow oneself, nor one’s family, friends, or lovers – to say nothing of one’s children – to live according to the world’s definitions: one must find a way, perpetually, to be stronger and better than that.”

- James Baldwin


It’s my 25th birthday! Let’s celebrate with this collection of some of my favorite gifs!

Vinny and Luke!

Mark and DJ!

PK and Mike!

Jake and Christian!

Matthew and Michael!

Mando and Isaak!

Cam and Mykel!

Brian and Chris!

Billy and Alex!

Wylie and Tyler!


Hey guys so my birthday is coming up on May 13th. Some people have been asking me what I want and that really got me thinking. What I really want is for everyone to feel accepted for who they are. That being said, I really would appreciate it if instead of getting me something you donated to the You Can Play Project or any other LGBT organization in my name. LGBT organizations, especially You Can Play, have helped me so much in feeling validated and accepted for who I am and I want more people to feel as empowered as I do.

Please let me know if you do end up donating (tag me in a screenshot or just shoot me a message), I would really love to see which organizations are close to your heart. Let’s change some lives guys!!

Much love,



The Birthday Party We All Wish We Had An Invite To

Honey, oh honey. We all missed the birthday party of the year. Frank Ocean celebrated his 30th birthday with a Paris is Burning inspired party with guests like the Queen of living for the drama herself, Joanne the Scammer, attending.

Fingers crossed we get an invite to his birthday next year