And for the even bigger reveal, My wife finally got her Ruby Tattoo! So here are the two of our tattoos together! I’m just blown away by how awesome of a job South Water Studios did on these, and how well they fit together. I’m going to geek out every single time we hold hands! ^_^

Meet Ben Melzer, the first trans man to appear on the cover of a men’s fitness magazine in Europe! He’ll be on the cover of the German edition of Men’s Health.

Melzer landed on the cover after entering the German magazine’s cover model contest.

“My inside and outside finally fit and that’s why I’m not at all shamed to talk about it,” Melzer said in a video posted by Now This. He hopes to use the publicity surrounding his bid for the cover as a way to give hope to other people who are struggling with their gender identity.

“When I was in that situation, I had nobody to talk to, nobody to ask all these questions,” he added. “That’s what I want to do. I want to give the community a face, stand up and answer those questions for people.”

Hooray for visibility! (via the Advocate)

“VICTORY: We’re celebrating the defeat of two anti-trans bills in Washington State and Virginia this week. The fight isn’t over as several other anti-trans bills remain active across the country, but we’re winning.

Visit our blog to learn more about these crucial victories:″

As seen on the National Center for Transgender Equality Facebook page




Has being out changed anything? Is there any down side to having come out as an actor?

Umm…gosh, that’s such a hot-button question and it’s hard to ask. Because I think it’s so subjective. It is never lost on me how lucky I am to be born at the time I am, and to be an actor at the time I am. I think I’m incredibly blessed, and it’s given me incredible, beautiful opportunities that I may not have had otherwise. So that’s the lens that I choose to look at it from. I mean, is there a cost/risk benefit? Or, you know, just a cost? Sure. But I think you have to be willing to let your authenticity be more important than what it may cost you. And that’s a trade-off that I’m willing to make. - Matt Bomer [9:36]
Zoolander 2’s Trans Jokes Are As Lazy and Offensive As You Feared
Concerns over the trailer for ‘Zoolander 2,’ which mocked an androgynous model played by Benedict Cumberbatch, were founded. The film’s trans jokes do offend—even worse, they’re dumb.

TW for transphobia, CW for spoilers

“In addition to being largely unfunny and uninspired, as my colleague Jen Yamato wrote in her review, the film is also horribly offensive.

Concerns over Cumberbatch’s character, the industry’s hottest new model named “All,”first emerged when the film’s trailer was released, teasing jokes about the character as one of the film’s comedic highlights.

Upon meeting All, Ben Stiller’s Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson’s Hansel—who have spent over a decade away from the fashion world and apparently missed the evolution of trans and androgyne acceptance through various half-baked, high-concept plot conceits—are mystified.

“Are you, like, a male model or a female model?” Zoolander asks. “All is all,” All replies.

Hansel buts in: “I think what he’s asking is whether you’ve got a hot dog or a bun.”

It devolves from there. “Do you have a wiener or a vaginer?” A reference is made to All’s most recent sociopolitical act, marrying “hermself.”  

No malice is expressed towards All, but All’s existence is the butt of jokes. Lazy jokes. Dated jokes. Really, frigging stupid jokes.

When you boil it down, all Zoolander 2 attempted to say was that the very act of being gender ambiguous - whether All was trans or androgynous or what have you - is funny. That curiosity over a trans person’s sexual organs is hilarious.“

Read the full piece here


I know people will say, it’s “comedy,” but trans people are getting killed every week of every year. THEIR DEATHS ARE FUELED BY THIS RIDICULE AND CONTEMPT, AND IT ISN’T F*CKING FUNNY.

‘11 Things To Never Ask A Transgender Person’
Johns Hopkins Hospital Approves First HIV-Positive Organ Transplant
The move will save thousands of lives each year.

Johns Hopkins Hospital announced Monday it would perform the first organ transplant between an HIV-positive donor and recipient, offering new hope to the thousands of HIV-positive patients who die each year due to a previous ban on such procedures. The hospital said in a press release that two transplant surgeries between HIV-positive patients, one liver and one kidney, were scheduled immediately after it received approval to perform them.



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