Where’s the goofy teen comedy where the popular girl gives the shy girl a makeover she can Get The Guy™, only to realize that she’s actually falling in love with her and then they have the classic Arguing In The Rain scene because the popular girl is sad that the shy girl went on a date with The Guy so she angrily confesses her feelings and then they kiss and it’s all the feels?

Being LGBT as a young teen is so confusing because all the media you consume as a child is very heterosexual and even if you’re brought up knowing being LGBT is okay, you assume that it only applies older people because you never see kids who are gay/trans/bi. When I realized I was gay I struggled not with the fact that I was gay, I thought that I was “too young” to know if I was. I spent hours on YouTube looking up young teens coming out and most of them had similar feelings. Representation matters

please, support russian lgbt teens, cause our parents dont do this

we feel lost, we feel broken 

our country blame us

our teachers and doctors say that we are sick 

our government turns a blind eye to lgbt teen suicide 

they don’t pay attention to us

some of us have been forced treatment

they forbid us to live and love

so please, next time, before saying: “all russian are homophobic bastards, why the fuck are they banned BATB and Power Rangers??”, think about the LGBT teens in Russia

because we don’t live, we exist here. and you’re not

so please support us, because our country have turned away from us

dear trans individuals,

you are valid.

yes, God did make you in HIS IMAGE, but in HIS IMAGE, he needed you to take this journey to find your true self. he made you to teach other people in your life compassion as well, as this is different from the usual, but in no way wrong.

its long, hard, and difficult, but God puts those who are strongest in these situations. you are strong, brave, so many wonderful things.

a christian