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hahaha god you so stupid. who says that this is really from harry? any stupid idiot can create an account. I bet that some desperate larry shipper has made this account, because you always make something like this. you are desperate and don't want to recognize the truth .... Larry is FAKE, M-O-V-E O-N

1. you shouldn’t call anyone stupid in any scenario because it’s just wrong and can be offensive to some.

2. especially don’t call someone stupid when you clearly haven’t done research on the topic and couldn’t be more wrong. thank you for making it easy for me :)) 

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code…decoded introduces the PRIDE  collection: A starting point and only the beginning - our LEGACY - our cultural inheritance. We’re in the final stages of pre-production and should have the collection ready by ‘Thanksgiving’. We’ll keep you posted and share more details as we near the product launch date.

MIX n’ MATCH - codeTags – gender neutral “Identity” icons developed for a NEW generation of LGBT+: Top, bottom, or versatile; butch or femme, bisexual, transgender, straight, hiv positive, hiv negative, and if you’re in a relationship, the committed code.

Identify Yourself with PRIDE. What’s your code? (◕‿◕)

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code…decoded would like to do a ‘shout-out’ to all our PANSEXUAL fans - you’re the PLUS in LGBT+ and equally as important - Thanks for your support. (◕‿◕)

These initial codes are a starting point and only the beginning…This is our LGBT LEGACY. 

With creative license we labored to create the 'source code’ - the foundation we honor as our socio/political inheritance. The rest will be up to you - when we introduce our web app - you will then be able to design, submit, and share your ideas utilizing a voting process that will assist all the sub-groups in our community to reach a CONSENSUS. Imagine the power of technology and the process of democracy to customize your very own individual and unique identities - all of us sharing the full spectrum of colors - a piece of the rainbow to call our own. The LGBT+ a united and unstoppable political and economic force to be reckoned with.
Jack Monroe: ‘I want to be treated as a person, not as a woman or a man’
She was the poster girl for austerity Britain, and then she suffered a breakdown. Jack Monroe talks politics, party frocks and being transgender
By Carole Cadwalladr

Jack Monore was suicidal, unable to function and months of psychiatric treatment followed. Finally, she was referred to a gender identity clinic. And then, on 11 October last year, she made an announcement on Twitter. “Yes I am transgender.”

She was, she explained, “non-binary transgender”. She wasn’t transitioning to male. She was transitioning to being neither female nor male, or at least a bit of both.

From the article:

And while public awareness may be increasing, the realities of gender dysphoria and the struggles that most people who have experienced it have gone through are still misunderstood, and misconceptions are widespread. Monroe is taking testosterone. “The first months were phenomenal. My libido went through the roof. And I’ve been a lot less depressed. It seems to have balanced my hormones out. I’ve felt physically and mentally a lot better in myself.”

Once you start to deconstruct the absolutes of gender you realise you don’t have to have a cock to be a man

But she is not considering sexual reassignment surgery. “I don’t want to be crude but I have an excellent vagina and I’d like to keep it working exactly as it does.”

Do people assume she wants reassignment?

“People assume a) that I want a cock. And b) that I would like a very particular kind of sex. Both those things are completely untrue. They think that because I’m trans, I’m only attracted to very feminine women. Right now, it’s very masculine men, actually. So you don’t know anything.”


The code…decoded network surfing the web for LGBT+ news and entertainment to share with our communityWATCH: Do You Think This Guy Is Gay? 

Vlogger MarkE Miller is back with a new video in which he travels around his college campus asking his fellow students whether or not they perceive him to be gay. The responses are varied and, since this video targets college-aged men, the situations can occasionally get a little awkward.


code…decoded introduces the ‘PRIDE’ collection: A starting point and only the beginning - our LEGACY - our cultural inheritance. We’re in the final stages of production and should have the collection ready by the first week in December - just in time for the 'holiday’ season. We’ll keep you posted and share more details as we near the launch date.

MIX n’ MATCH - codeTags – gender neutral “Identity” icons developed for a NEW generation of LGBT+: Top, bottom, or versatile; butch or femme, bisexual, transgender, straight, hiv positive, hiv negative, and if you’re in a relationship, the committed code.

What’s your code? Identify Yourself with PRIDE. (◕‿◕)


the code…decoded network surfing the web for news and entertainment to share with our LGBT+ community:  Photo Book Asks You To ‘Never Judge A Butch By Her Cover’ :P


As the queer community continues to push boundaries outside of narrow definitions of what it means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), a new photo book seeks to challenge traditional understandings of “butch” lesbian identity.

From award-winning filmmaker Kanithea Powell, Butch is a compilation of compelling photographs that attempts to defy mainstream notions of about butch lesbians. Powell told The Huffington Post that her work in this collection dramatically and provocatively presents fashion-forward photos the showcase a diverse range of beautiful butch-identified women.

“I wanted to create something that moved people to conversation,” Powell told The Huffington Post. “People talk all the time about how a butch woman is 'supposed’ to dress and look. Well, these aren’t your typical flannel, mullet having, boot-wearing butches. This book forces you to rip the blinders off your eyes and look around and see how things are changing.”

“My identity plays a huge factor in my work. I’m butch and very fashion forward. I strongly believe in popped collars and mohair loafers, and I wanted to show more of that side. There are so many women out there who are like me. They are being criticized because they consider themselves butch, but don’t fit inside the 'stone butch’ box. So for me, creating something that expands the definition of 'butch’ was something I felt was necessary.”

  • “Life is about creating who you are. I hope that the people who experience 'butch’ are inspired to step out of their box, collapse the box, take a knife to it and live more freely.”

Butch is available for purchase through Qwest Press. For more information on Powell and her portfolio, visit the Qwest Films website.

As a group, : code decoded  understands that we will never be everything to everyone - this was never the intent. We recognize the importance and necessity of having separate individual groups serving the community with their own specific and individual needs - addressing their issues and concerns.

However we do advocate that we come together under the LGBT+ banner for one common purpose: Lest we forget that the ‘institution’ of marriage is the 'vehicle’ by which we can achieve the greater good of attaining equal rights for all in our community. Whether we embrace or repudiate 'marriage’ is not as important as 'unity’ for the sake of obtaining equality and protection under the law. This is one political marriage between the LGBT and the PLUS that we can’t afford to deny. This is the journey that will lead us to a win-win situation that benefits us all.

Yes, our community is diverse and our issues complex, with so many differences and disagreements that tear us apart. But now is the time to reconsider and to come together for all the right reasons. We all know what is at stake: Equal rights and protection under the law. United under the LGBT+ banner we can achieve our dreams together - an unstoppable socio/economic, and political force to be reckoned with. One Message…Your Voice.