I’m currently working on a short film that will be shot the weekend of March 26 and auditions will most likely be the week of March 7-11 in the hollywood los angeles area. Film will be screened at the Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival this July. If interested, please contact me. 

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Cate and Rooney Moments [2/?]

Those times Rooney constantly reminds us (in a one on one interview) that she’s been a Cate Blanchett fan since she was 13 years old. And that time she said it again with Cate beside her. 

Movie I really want

A masculine gay man who puts together a spy team to steal something

A lesbian who is a mathematical and scientific genius but often gets distracted by her love for science

Her bisexual girlfriend who goes along as the sole voice of reason

A pansexual guy in charge of breaking into the safes who always tries to break the tension with dumb jokes

An asexual girl who is a 4'11" former gymnast in charge of all the dangerous and difficult stunts and is the only one who thinks the pansexual guys jokes are funny

A trans woman who is in charge of all the high tech gadgets and always tries to use over complicated gadgets because she gets bored with guns

A genderfluid antagonist who is sarcastic with a dark sense of humor

Just an action comedy with characters who aren’t all straight and cis


Oscar Nominee Rooney Mara Talks Cate Blachett and her role in ‘Carol’

Peter Travers: When Carol walks in, she’s Cate Blanchett but she’s dressed by Sandy Powell. She’s like this perfect example of glamorous femininity and you are sort of poleaxed by it. You’re looking at it saying, 'What is this?’ ( link )


In just a few days in México there will be a movie coming out that is against homoparental adoption. It’s an horrible movie that reproduces stereotypical homophobic behaviors, throws shade to the homosexual community making us look like we have an agenda trying to convert little kids into homosexuals. It’s just so wrong, biased, and closed minded. Just in a nutshell, I would love your help about throwing some light in this case so the world knows about this, so we can let them know that we are not confused and ignorant individuals, we each have our personalities and our goals. We are not just a stereotypical look.