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Thoughts of a Chicanx Transgender Boy at a Nescac

Hi Y’all,

So I’ve moved away from a ton of posting on this blog, but I just wanted to state something really quickly for any transgender queer people of color.  I am a freshman at Hamilton College in Upstate New York and I came to this school on almost a full scholarship. I thought the prestige of the classes and seemingly neoliberal people would be manageable and things would work well. 

Unfortunately this is very far from the truth.  I would recommend that if you are transgender that your best choice would be going to a bigger university. They will have more people who care, and more community for you to fall back on. You won’t become THE transgender person and you will not find yourself the subject of countless amounts of hate crimes. 

I’m just saying.. don’t do it.. Don’t go to a nescac. Just don’t. The people of color here are all sad and fragmented because they know at the end of the day we’re not wanted here. The only people “proud” to be out are white gays. 

LGBT-Friendly Colleges (US)

Do students, faculty and administrators treat all persons equally, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity/expression? Based on a combination of survey questions concerning teachers and students: 

  1. New York University 
  2. Stanford University 
  3. Emerson College 
  4. Wellesley College 
  5. Bennington College 
  6. University of Wisconsin - Madison 
  7. Macalester College
  8. New College of Florida 
  9. Prescott College 
  10. Sarah Lawrence College 
  11. Bryn Mawr College 
  12. Grinnell College 
  13. St. John’s College (MD) 

Source: Princeton Review 

anonymous asked:

Are there a lot of lesbians/ bi girls at sdsu?

You know that’s actually a really good question. I’ve seen some on campus and we do have an LGBT club, and then there’s the girls that become gay when they’ve had a few to drink, but otherwise I’m not quite sure. But from my experience sdsu is a pretty gay-friendly campus, I think we even have a major called LGBT studies.
City won't, but MSU will: University to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity
The Missouri State University governing board to vote Friday on proposal to add six categories to nondiscrimination policy.

Happy to see that Missouri State University has revised their nondiscrimination policies to protect individuals on the basis of gender identity and expression. I am sad to see the repeal of protections at the city level, and can only hope that future leaders will end the ignorance and discrimination that many current politicians are upholding. 

Gay and Lesbian research

My name is Giovanni and I am a student at Oakland University studying the evolutionary psychology of gay and lesbian men and women. 

This is my very first study and survey I am doing and would love if you could share and participate in this survey for the betterment of understanding of the evolutionary psychology of the LGBT community. There is not a lot of good research on this subject, so participating in this survey could be one of the first steps of expanding the existing research appropriately for LGBT. 

If you are 18+ and gay or lesbian, you should take this survey!

Clicking on the link doesn’t collect any data and will bring you to a consent page that will explain the study too you in full. 

Thank you so much for reblogging this and participating in my very first study!