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hey guys!! ive seen lots of discourse lately about the lesbian flag, and I decided that I might as well make my own design!! the main issues have been either that a flag looks too butch/femme, would be too hard/expensive to print, or was created by an exclusionist/inclusionist/etc. well im tryin to solve this issue with my flag!! there are less colors to make it easier for merch, the colors are fairly balanced between masculine, feminine, and neutral colors, and im not an inclusionist OR an exclusionist!! this flag means a lot to me and if some people were to use it (with credit <33) it would mean the world to me!! also!! here’s the color meanings!!

dark purple: butch lesbians

lilac: history of lesbians, how lesbians/sapphics used to give lilacs to women they had romantic feelings for

white: has two meanings: A- traditionally unconventional lesbians, like lesbians of color, aro/ace-spec lesbians, disabled lesbians, neurodivergent lesbians, trans/nb lesbians, basically all of the lesbians you never see in the media. the second meaning is the purity of lesbians, how being a lesbian isn’t inherently sexual, and there’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian.

light purple: femme lesbians!!

id greatly appreciate it if this could get lots of reblogs!! I worked hard on. it and I feel its a good way to represent our community!! im just gonna tag some popular blogs in hopes of getting some rbs

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also!! butch/femme/dark/pastel/POC versions under the cut!!

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Demigirl’s Levy and Erza

Demigirl’s Levy and Erza! Dedicated to @ftlgbtales month long event, “when we take different paths”, week 3 gender ids, for day 7: transition

-click on image for bettter quality-

Pls ignore how big Levy’s head is, and yes I used a drawing ref bc what is proportions?

Transgender Sting art here

Agender Lisanna art here

It’s so dumb for people to complain about the brown and black stripes on the pride flag because “being a poc isn’t a sexual orientation/gender identity!!!” bc like in what world do the stripes represent different sexual orientations or gender identities…they celebrate valued complements of the lgbt community like love and harmony and sex and to include stripes that represent diversity or the inclusion/acceptance/welcoming of poc actually really fits that theme

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‪ Happy national coming out day

To everyone who came out as gay or lesbian this is your time to shine be proud of who you are don’t let any hate or bullying make you feel any different about yourself cause your a beautiful person inside and out. Sadly straight people won’t ever understand what we have to go through on a daily basis from being attacked, bullied, killed, thrown out, abandoned, judged and discriminated when it comes to being gay or lesbian.

If you haven’t came out yet don’t be scared at first you will but once you say those words of who you are to the ones you love you feel way better let’s join together and live loud and proud ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌈🦄 🏳️‍🌈#NationalComingOutDay #ComingOutDay

Happy national coming out day!

Here is my pride flag career profile that I’ve been working on all season.

I won’t be playing competitive for the rest of the season so that this is how it’s frozen forever.

It was rough restricting myself to just these 6 heroes but I think it was worth it for the final look.