in light of all the idiocity thats been happening lately, i say we double our amount of bi/pan solidarity! also happy pride month!!

♡ we may be similar, we may be different, but never will we be enemies ♡

I wish lol (if you repost on insta, my @ is demikind, please tag me if you repost, also people were upset so i took it off the bubbline tag. I assumed I should put it in that tag because it’s a screencap from that ship but I seemed to upset a lot of people, and I’m sorry about that.)


To celebrate, I’ve put some brand new pride designs on my redbubble shop! A series of lions inspired by pride flags.
A Pride Pride.🦁
So far there’s designs based on the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, pansexual and nonbinary pride flags.
All of the different pride lions, as well as the whole group one, are available with and without text, on a variety of different merchandise.
(I can make lions based on other flags upon request)
Enjoy, and happy pride month!! 

EDIT: I got the colours of the bi flag upside down somehow (oops) so I’ve fixed it now