FOX!HUX!!!! uhhhh… i can explain… really i can! XD i was inspired to finish work on an old fox hux piece by @marlonbookcase but then while i was working it i saw the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer which heavily featured one of my all-time-favourite songs, Sweet’s Fox on the Run!!! and then @countofeight and i were talking about awesome old music, which got me thinking about the 70′s and then i remembered THIS amazing outfit once worn by the incomparable Freddie Mercury ~ and nowwww…. here we are! HAHAHAHHAHA!!! XD dedicated to @marlonbookcase @countofeight @cosleia @thecopperriver @wyomingnot and @generalgingersnaps <3 <3 <3 FOX!HUX LOVE! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Listening to my skam playlist, I am amazed by how quickly the general atmosphere and thus Isak’s feelings changed. There was ‘Hold My Liquor’ about a month ago and then there’s the angry 'Hate Me Now’ after the break. Then there’s been a lot of silence, to be taken over by 'Tonight’ and '5 Fine Frøkner’ to accompany their love and happiness. Anticipation with 'High for This’ and then ‘On the Run’ when the pain returns. But also giving home because even if it is not a perfect love story, it is one.

This soundtrack is the most beautiful compilation of songs that are accurate beyond words for the show and Isak’s path.

😻 💝 🌈 👬
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  • MC: No more sleeping in the same bed.
  • Saeyoung: But I LOVE sleeping next to you!!!
  • MC: I understand but sleeping with you is like sleeping with an Anaconda!