Straight Girl: How can you also ship straight couples if you’re gay or bi?? Gay ships are way hotter and idk why you can call yourself LGBT if you also ship straight couples!! 😒

Me: Because, unlike you Karen and other straight girls, I ship couples whether gay or straight for their chemistry and connection. Not to satisfy a sexual need for two hot guys getting together so I can finger off to…


The making of my part for MSSProductions’ MEP. ;D My original plan was so much darker, where I would have ended the clip by showing Tiana dying and the whole scene only having been her last daydream. But while editing I changed my mind and removed the sad ending and simply went with the lyrics only representing Tiana’s dark thoughts regarding her “forbidden” feelings towards her knight.

Also, since I know people will comment on it: I intentionally left Charming’s body untouched because I wanted a muscular body type for her. Think Jasper from “Steven Universe” or Zarya and Brigette from “Overwatch” (or even Julia Vins from real life). Sexy buff ladies for the win!! I’m also imaging her wearing some kind of amor under the clothes, hiding any potential boobs.

But if you still want to see a different version of Miss Charming then you can check that out HERE. :P

Final Video + More Animation Edits