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Istanbul Governor has banned Pride March this year, however people still showed up even though the possible risk of police brutality. I am so proud of the LGBT Community in my city <3 

Some of the civilians and lawyers are getting detained. Some of them are facing with police brutality. 

*some of the pictures are from other pride marches.


BREAKING NEWS: After cancelling the planned annual Gay Pride March in Istanbul, Turkey, over so called “safety concerns,” police have now issued a threat of arrest for anyone gathering or organizing to make a statement about gay pride. This comes after Pride marchers were violently attacked by police in years past (Pictured) and dispersed with water cannons and force.  According to Al Jezerra, the parade took place peacefully for 13 years, until in 2013 and 2015, authorities cracked down.  In 2014, the Pride march was held without incident.

To the LGBTQ community of Turkey, please be careful and stay safe, please know the world is watching! Thank you for your courage, and don’t ever let them silence you! Remember that water cannons leave behind rainbows. Be proud, be strong, be brave, and never forget; It gets better!

Turkey: Istanbul bans LGBT march for second year - 24 June 2017

Istanbul’s governor has banned a gay and transgender pride march which was due to take place in the city on Sunday, citing security concerns after threats from an ultra-nationalist group.
It will be the second year running that Istanbul’s LGBT march, described in the past as the biggest in the Muslim world, has been blocked by city authorities.
The ultra-nationalist Alperen Hearths group threatened last week to prevent the march if authorities did not act, and the governor’s office said on Saturday that it took its decision out of concern for the security of marchers, tourists and residents.
The organizers of the march said they would discuss their response later on Saturday.
The gay pride parade in Istanbul - a city seen as a relative safe haven by members of the gay community from elsewhere in the Middle East, including refugees from Syria and Iraq - has usually been a peaceful event.
But two years ago police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse participants, after organizers said they had been refused permission because it coincided with the holy month of Ramadan.


Might be my favorite video of the day.

The realism and the honesty in this seriously made me tear up. I was never crazy about Athena but this makes me see them in a different light. Quite brave for them to not only make a music video about drag queens & trans people & lgbt life but to do it in a predominantly Muslim and aggressive country like Turkey and without fetishising or condemning the subject of the clip requires serious balls.


Photographs of Turkish köçekler (sing. köçek). The custom of the köçek is, nowadays, an obscure and shunned part of Turkish history. The köçek was normally a very attractive young man entertaining, usually in typically feminine attire. In a weird mix of transvestism, Ottoman supremacism, and sexual slavery, the  köçek boys were forcefully taken from ethnic groups on the fringes of the Ottoman Empire, such as albanians, jews, romani, armenians, and kurds. These boys often came from a non-muslim background, supposedly legitimizing their coerced subjugation by Ottoman sultans and warlords. The köçek boy would be employed as long as his youthful and androgynous characteristics persisted, being usually let go as his beard developed. They were sexually available, taking on a traditionally passive female sexual role. 

This hashtag is trending on twitter and it means “Turkish People will stop LGBT”
And there are people tweeting with this hashtag; spewing hate, literally sending death threats to LGBT people.
They say we corrupt the country with our immoralities and filthy intentions.
They say we don’t deserve to live in our own country.
Queer and trans youth are murdered by their own families in this country.
I’m a bisexual woman and streets are not safe for me to walk with the person i love.
They are turning this pride month into hell for us.
Yesterday there was another hashtag filled with hate and tomorrow there will be another one.

28 June 2015 - Turkish riot police attacked the Istanbul Pride celebrations with water cannon, rubber bullets and pepperball guns. In 2013 during the Gezi park protests a man was killed by the Istanbul police with a water cannon in the exact way as it is used in the first gif of this set. [video]


Biri de çıksın mantıklı açıklama yapsın ! Bu video'yu açsın bana kare kare anlatsın, desin ki “polis savunmasız kaldığı için yapmak zorundaydı..” Desin ki “o elinde tuttuğu rengarenk bayrak aslında bir silahtı; ateş ediyordu..” Çıkıp bana savunmasız, barış için bulunan ve su ile yere çakılan(!) şu insanı haksız çıkartın lütfen !! Yoksa ben beddua etmeden duramıyorum.. Ben sinirlenmeden duramıyorum..
Siz görmeseniz de görmek istemeseniz de onlar varlar ve hep te olucaklar!! 🌈💗💙💜💚💛
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BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Police are arresting people trying to participate in Istanbul, Turkey’s annual gay pride march. Police say they have canceled the event for ‘security,’ but this is not the case. In 2013 and 2015, police cracked down violently on Gay Pride participants, striking them with projectiles and spraying them with water cannons. For 13 years, they hosted this pride event, but now they are trying to hide gay people away and deny their rights. Do not ignore this, we have to stand with our brothers and sisters in Turkey!