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Hande Kader was a 22-year old politically active sex worker. She was a transgender female, residing in Turkey. Before her body was found, she was last seen getting into a client’s car, after which she went missing for a week. Her body was found, badly burned, on the side of the road in Istanbul. This was after her friends had filed a missing persons report, prompting a search for her location.

On top of being transgender, Kader was seen at protests and demonstrations for LGBTQ rights. There are videos of her facing the police on YouTube, and she has apparently been arrested at least once during LGBTQ rights public events.

It is devastating in so many ways to see a member of my transgender family lost today, as well as the other LGBTQ people who have been attacked in Turkey of late. Please help to spread the word!   #HandeKadereSesVer


“Trans Pride marchers in Istanbul defy cancellation order! (Hashtag means: “We didn’t ask for your permission.”)”

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Turkish Police Fire Rubber Bullets at Pride Parade

“Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators who gathered for a gay pride rally in Istanbul despite a government ban.”

NOT COOL! I just posted a photo from Istanbul pride, only to learn shortly after that it was broken up by WATER CANNON!

Water cannon used to disperse Istanbul gay pride parade

“Reports say police took action against crowd when demonstrators began shouting slogans criticising Turkey’s president.

Images and videos posted on social media showed several people carrying gay pride flags running away while being fired upon by a water cannon mounted on an armoured police vehicle.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, photojournalist Bradley Secker, who is at the scene in Taksim, said the gay pride marchers were “puzzled” by the police action, given that a similar parade on June 21 went on in Istanbul without any incident.

According to the AFP news agency, police took action against the crowd when demonstrators began shouting slogans accusing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of “fascism”.

No official comment has so far been issued by the government, but there were reports that the parade was stopped as it was Ramadan. However, Karajan said the parade, which has been held over the past 13 years without police intervention, occured peacefully during Ramadan last year.”

Read the full story here and watch video here


28 June 2015 - Turkish riot police attacked the Istanbul Pride celebrations with water cannon, rubber bullets and pepperball guns. In 2013 during the Gezi park protests a man was killed by the Istanbul police with a water cannon in the exact way as it is used in the first gif of this set. [video]

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Police are arresting people trying to participate in Istanbul, Turkey’s annual gay pride march. Police say they have canceled the event for ‘security,’ but this is not the case. In 2013 and 2015, police cracked down violently on Gay Pride participants, striking them with projectiles and spraying them with water cannons. For 13 years, they hosted this pride event, but now they are trying to hide gay people away and deny their rights. Do not ignore this, we have to stand with our brothers and sisters in Turkey! 


Can’t you just feel the tolerance?

These are the reactions to Turkey banning the Gay Pride Parade this year (mind you most of these comments are from non-Turks). For people who don’t realize why Pride Parades are a necessity, well, here you go! As long as such attitudes are widespread (and believe me they are, thanks to religion), Gay Pride Parades are not only a necessity but a must! We will stand with the LGBT community and support them through these tough times, especially when so many in the  world view their natural sexual orientation in such ways. And some people think they are clever with their, “oh we should have straight parades” comments. Well, when you have the overwhelming majority of the population in some parts of the world making such comments and putting out laws to persecute and kill heterosexual individuals for centuries after centuries, then we’ll have our Straight Pride as well, but since that will never happen, I suggest you stop making a fool out of yourself with you pathetic homophobia.