lgbt tuesday


Transformation Tuesday
Celebrated my 1 yr 4 month manniversary yesterday :)
For those who don’t know I’m Axel 23 and I hail from MN

So there’s #mcm (Man Crush Monday) and #wcw (Woman Crush Wednesday), so can we have #tct (Trans Crush Tuesday)??? That way no trans/genderqueer/nonbinary people get left out??? And there’s no day of the week that starts with G or N so…. Just food for thought.

(If this is already a thing, btw, I will go hide in a hole for 20 years)


In this TMI Tuesday, Trans Q+A I answer a single question, “Rachel, how do you continue in the face of such hate?” I address the most recent round of harassment, bullying, threats, and hate speech by a variety of transphobes, in a variety of forms, and on a variety of platforms. Don’t worry: I’m not going anywhere!

You can also find these videos as audio podcasts on Soundcloud.
What Pagans Can Teach The World About Transgender Acceptance
Members of the transgender and queer communities and their allies take to the streets in San Francisco Friday for the annual Trans March. Among them will be members of the Bay Area’s vibrant pagan community, who in many ways are setting the tone for how religious institutions can best serve their trans congregants.
Power Rangers (SF)

I don’t like the Power Rangers.
They’re corny and over the top and childish in all the ways that rub me wrong.

That being said. This movie is totally kick ass and you all should watch it.

Should it get seven sequels? Probably not. Should it get A sequel? Hell- fucking- yes!

This was really good, clean fun. I enjoyed the whole thing, despite going in totally expecting to be disappointed! And the bad guy’s major plot did NOT involve a sky ray, so kudos to them for that.

In honor of yesterday’s Trans Day of Remembrance, then and now. I am in shock sometimes that I used to look like that. I don’t recognize that face, and it’s crazy to think about, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come and where I’m headed. I used to struggle and have a hard time, and I know many others out there are, but please hang in there and never give up. It does get better and things can change for the best, and it’s coming. You’re beautiful and loved, stay strong and keep your chin up 💕


I feel like this is a movie that people on Tumblr should know about. It’s about a teenage girl whose father who is undergoing a female to male  transition. Not only that, but the movie stars Del Herbert-Jane, a gender non-conforming actor. It seems really heartfelt and worth the watch. Just letting people know.