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Transformation Tuesday
Celebrated my 1 yr 4 month manniversary yesterday :)
For those who don’t know I’m Axel 23 and I hail from MN

So there’s #mcm (Man Crush Monday) and #wcw (Woman Crush Wednesday), so can we have #tct (Trans Crush Tuesday)??? That way no trans/genderqueer/nonbinary people get left out??? And there’s no day of the week that starts with G or N so…. Just food for thought.

(If this is already a thing, btw, I will go hide in a hole for 20 years)

excuse the banner made by lily inspired by potterprideweek

welcome to sapphic pride week, presented by @sapphicstudynet !!

 what is it?

  • this week celebrates sapphics/wlw!! we’re here to appreciate girls and our love for them!!
  • for each prompt/theme, you must post something related to/inspired by it 
  • each day will have a different theme with some suggestions!! it is up to you to decide what you want to post that day

important info: 

  • this celebration will be from june 26 - 30!!
  • tag your entries with #sapphicprideweek so we can reblog them!!
  • you DO NOT need to be a part of the sapphicstudynet to participate. we want as many ppl as possible :)
  • members of the sapphic study net (apply here!) are strongly encouraged to particpate!!
  • you don’t need to post something for each day!! if you only participate on one day, that’s fine too!!
  • if you aren’t sapphic, that’s perfectly okay, you can still participate by reblogging entries and maybe even dedicating a post to supporting sapphics!!
  • most important of all, have fun!! be proud of your identity :)

themes and types of entries under the cut!!

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What Pagans Can Teach The World About Transgender Acceptance
Members of the transgender and queer communities and their allies take to the streets in San Francisco Friday for the annual Trans March. Among them will be members of the Bay Area’s vibrant pagan community, who in many ways are setting the tone for how religious institutions can best serve their trans congregants.
Election night brings historic wins for minority and LGBT candidates
In a night of many firsts, several minority and LGBT candidates won local elections that in many ways echoed the blue wave in which Democrats won races large and small.
By Madison Park, CNN

Tuesday’s election night saw some big and historic wins for POC and LGBT candidates. This is what resistance looks like!

anonymous asked:

Hi! So, I am bi and I am a minor. My friends already know that I am bisexual and they accept me very well! But I am pretty sure that my family wont accept me. Today I had been told that the cure for homos and trans exist and that it is acceptable to do that, and I feel very bad and I am sure that those people are bad for my health. Can you give me advice?

lmfao a cure? there is no cure cause being lgbt+ is not a disease lmfao. those types are very very bad for your health. I’m glad that you’ve found love and support from your friends, that’s beautiful! something to remember is that you can choose who and who not to come out to. if you think it would be dangerous to com out to your parents, don’t. and i certainly wouldn’t advise coming out to anyone who says there’s a cure for being lgbt? it will be taxing and it’ll feel suffocating to hide that fact sometimes but, your safety comes first. find solace and openness with your friends, it’ll be a life line for you to have people in your corner. and stay away from anyone who advocates “cures” (which honestly often time manifests as violence). hope that helps! please feel free to comeback if you need clarification or have more questions!

Therapy Tuesday