Readers, this is transgender author and activist Jenny Boylan looking for input from the LGBTQIA+ community, which will be used to help GLAAD determine their priorities and strategies over the coming years.

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This is not a debate. This is not a discussion. There are not two sides to this “issue.”

Only one “side” is bullying and demeaning children, kicking them out of their homes and onto the streets to be brutalized. Only one side is turning them out of churches with phrases like “disgusting” abomination, denying housing, denying heath benefits, denying job protection, denying their human right to live as they were created. And they do this “in God’s name.”

They are without defense.

Today in English class, we were allowed to write about whatever we wanted. So, I decided to write about tyleroakley, the Trevor project and how he uses his fame on the internet for a good cause. The teacher came to check on mine. 

AND GUESS WHAT?!?!? He reads my essay in silence and immediately shakes his head after reading it.

AND GUESS WHAT HE SAID!?!!? He said, and i quote, “I don’t think this is appropriate for school. Remember, we are school and we do not talk of these things. However good this man is, i cannot let you write things like this and hand it in at school.” 

AND THE TEACHER AIN’T EVEN THAT OLD. I was enraged that there’s still people who cannot accept change and of people who are different than them. It’s 2015 and i thought finally, times are changing but he proved wrong. 

PLeASe, internet generation, make the world a better place!!!!!!!

Gay bashing at Chelsea Dallas BBQ in New York. Aside from the graphic violence they were also called faggots. This is why LGBT couples live in fear when we go out in public. We can’t hold hands or show any bit of affection without fear of being hurt. Don’t let the media or pop culture fool you. Many LGBT people are still being attacked, killed and harassed every single day.

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Fuck Tumblr man, Ireland has a referendum on marriage equality coming up, and I think it’s the first country to actually put marriage equality to a vote by the people, yet I’m seeing absolutely nothing about it. I’m still only seeing coverage on America’s marriage equality movements despite the fact that there’s no upcoming vote on it, there’s no big movement for something like Prop 8 coming up.
Fuck y'all. If it’s not America, it doesn’t exist, right?

Dear random ass german politician

You said the following sentence about the legalization of gay marriage on the news yesterday:

“If everyone has equal rights, marriage won’t be special anymore”.

I’m gonna paint a picture for you. 

Let’s say you have children. I don’t know if you do, but as a good christian you probably do. Let’s say you have a daughter. She is 28. She has a master’s degree in law or engineering and she has good and stable job. You are proud of her. She visits you regularly and brings flowers for your wife and a bottle of wine for you. You talk for hours and you laugh. My god, you laugh. She is your best friend and you would do anything to protect her. 

Now imagine your daughter visits you one day, with flowers and wine and… a new friend. Her girlfriend. She says: “Hey dad, this is the love of my life. She is everything I ever hoped for and she makes me beyond happy. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I want to marry her.

But I can’t. 

Because you decided that my marriage would make yours less special.

Ireland’s people have said YES to marriage equality! The yes vote took an overwhelming majority in the popular vote yesterday, making it the first time same-sex marriage was legalized through a popular vote. Congratulations to Ireland and its population for being such a positive and fantastic precedent for the world!

Thank you to everyone who voted yes and supported equality!

YesEquality thunderclap  - Niall supports marriage equality


Ireland says Yes by up to 2:1 margin

The same-sex marriage referendum will be comfortably passed, based on early tallies from across the country.

“The margin of victory is tipped to be heading towards a 2:1 majority.

The high turnout favoured Yes campaigners as the efforts to get the vote out worked effectively, particularly among young voters.

Few, if any locations, are showing a No vote winning the referendum.

Even in traditionally conservative rural area, the vote is coming in at 50:50.

Dublin will be strongly Yes, right across the city and county. But this trend is being matched in locations across the country. The very early tallies in Mayo, Wexford, Wicklow, Roscommon and Clare all signal a Yes vote.

The barometer constituency of Tipperary North is showing a 60:40 split.

A Fine Gael strategist said he expects the result to be up to 2:1 Yes vote.

“It’ll be about 65-66pc carried across the board,” the strategist said.

Labour Party junior minister Kevin Humphreys, who has a reputation for calling vote results early, says the vote will be Yes.

His estimates from his own constituency of Dublin South-East show some boxes coming across with results of anything up to 80pc Yes.

Although the areas concerned would be strongly liberal, the pattern indicates a strong Yes elsewhere.

“The trend is so big here, it has to be matched to a degree across the country,” he said.

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin also said he believes it will be a strong Yes vote.

Mr Martin said he had never seen so many young people voting before.

“This is very much above and beyond and transcends party politics,” he added.

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Photo:  Dylan Haskins and Leanne Keogh, Wicklow, members of the Irish LGBT community living in London arrive home at Dublin Port to vote in the Marraige Equality referendum. Picture: Arthur Carron