lgbt holocaust

passive aggressive reminder that more than two genders and transgender people have existed for millennia

reminder that colonialism forced native societies to revert back to their gender assigned at birth or be killed

reminder that there has been Mahu in Hawai’i until it was forcefully taken and colonized by white america

reminder that there were Hijra in South Asia until britain colonized it and forced every Hijra person into concentration camps the same time the german holocaust was happening

reminder that We’Wha was lhamana who served as an Ambassador to the Zuni people in 1886 to Grover Cleveland and was arrested for witch craft

reminder that in ancient Egypt there were people who were transgender and Egyptologists say that it was just people who were “buried wrong”

reminder that there are thousands of societies and cultures lost because of white colonization and we will never hear their stories

reminder that when this isnt taught in school it erases the history of people of color and queer people 

JUNE 12: Anne Frank starts writing in her diary (1942)

On June 12, 1942, Anne Frank wrote her very first entry in the book that would later become the unforgettable The Diary of a Young Girl. Today, Anne Frank is a heartbreaking symbol of the Holocaust, but in 1942, she was just a young Jewish girl who had been given a new journal for her thirteenth birthday.

The original diary is on display at The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam (x).

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. She was only sixteen when she was murdered by the Nazis in the Bergen-Belsen death camp, but she left behind a diary that chronicles the two years she spent hidden away in a secret apartment along with her family and four others. A lot of people have tried to prescribe certain labels onto Anne and argue the case that she was a lesbian or that she was bisexual. I have no interest in hashing out how a teenage girl from the 1940s might have possibly labeled herself in 2017; instead, I want to simply highlight the parts in Anne’s diary where she expresses love and desire for other girls and women. On pages 130-131, she writes:

I already had these kinds of feelings subconsciously before I came here, because I remember that once when I slept with a girl friend I had a strong desire to kiss her, and that I did do so. I could not help being terribly inquisitive over her body, for she had always kept it hidden from me. I asked her whether, as a proof of our friendship, we should feel one another’s breasts, but she refused. I go into ecstasies every time I see the naked figure of a woman, such as Venus, for example. It strikes me as so wonderful and exquisite that I have difficulty in stopping the tears rolling down my cheeks. If only I had a girl friend!”

Although this section as well as others where Anne talks about exploring her pubescent body were excluded from the first editions of The Diary of a Young Girl, they have slowly but surely been making their way back into the manuscript. No matter how Anne Frank might have identified as, her words are being read by young girls of all sexualities in middle schools across the world, and the fact that Anne’s accounts may be the first time they are exposed to a girl loving other girls without stigma and oversexualization makes The Diary of a Young Girl near and dear to many wlw.

Chechnya detains 100 gay men in first concentration camps since the Holocaust

More than 100 gay men have been detained in concentration camp-style prisons in the Russian region of Chechnya, according to reports by local newspapers and human rights organisations.
Repressions against the LGBT community began after an application for a gay rights march in the Chechen capital of Grozny.
The press secretary for Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic, described the report as “lies” and stated there were no gay people in Chechnya.
The prison camps are the first to be established for LGBT people since the Second World War.
The report was published on the 1 April, prompting the spokesperson for Chechnya’s Interior Ministry to dismiss the claims as an “April Fools’ joke”.

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Chechens tell of prison beatings and electric shocks in anti-gay purge: ‘They called us animals’ | World news | The Guardian

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I know it’s numbing to see this but we need to talk about this and solve this problem. We should help all diverse people all around the world if we are able to. I will post more information about how you can help once I obtain it.


LGBT History: Gay GI’s fought their own Holocaust in the US

Excerpt from the Book Coming Out under Fire The History of Gay Men and Women in World War Two: In Combat, gay GIs pointed their guns at enemy soldiers. But some gay servicemen also found American guns pointed at them. Those who were caught having sex, or who were rounded up in systematic witch hunts at stateside or overseas bases, or who were asking for help coping as homosexuals in the service, found themselves fighting a war for their own survival. As officers began to discharge homosexuals as undesirables, the gay GIs who were their targets had to learn how to defend themselves in psychiatrists’ offices, discharge hearing rooms, hospital wards, and “queer stockades.” There they were interrogated about their sex lives, locked up, physically abused, and subjected to systematic humiliations in front of other soldiers.

Officers who conducted interrogations were neither friendly nor understanding. Their jobs was to extract confessions and the names of others homosexuals by systematically destroying a suspect’s emotional defenses. Confessions were the proof needed to issue a discharge, and names helped interrogators round up more suspects. The interrogations usually began with some form of confinement or restriction to barracks, often under armed guard. Many patriotic gay soldiers and sailors felt betrayed by their government when they were thrown into locked wards with violent psychotics, suspected criminals, and prisoners of war.

In December 1943, Pvt. Norman Sansom was admitted to a locked psychiatric ward at Walterboro Army Air Field in Georgia, he discovered that all the other ‘patients’ were German prisoners of war except for two other gay American soldiers. Making the best of a bad situation, the three gay patients cheered themselves up by teaching the Germans how to sing “This is the Army, Mr. Jones.” “I can still here them now on the ward,” Sansom recalled. “Every morning we’d have our little ‘musicale.’ They couldn’t speak any English at all, but they were able to sing, ‘Dis is dee Army, Mister Shones.’”

Gay men who were locked up sometimes were terrorized by sadistic guards who, in private areas of the stockades, subjected them to psychological torture. “They treated us like scum,” recalled Bill Thompson, who was placed with other men from Noumea under Marine Corps guard in the brig said, ‘You sons of bitches are going to eat out of garbage cans! Get the fuck out of here!“

“You wouldn’t believe the treatment in the brig,” added David Barrett, who was also shipped to Treasure Island. “There was a guy called Big John. He lined us up in front of all the inmates there who were murderers, rapists, thieves- everything you could think of. He lined us up and he just tore us apart. He told all the rest of them that he thought more of them because we were the scum of the fucking earth.”

As David Barrett and his gay brigmates were transferred from Treasure Island to Camp Shoemaker, in Pleasanton, California, they were thrown into the back of a truck. “Two young marines got in the truck with us,” Barrett recalled. “They said, 'Don’t open your mouth!’ And they sat there with their finger on the trigger of the gun aimed at us the whole drive over there. When we got out of that van, there was a lieutenant there and he said, 'Why didn’t you shoot the motherfuckers!’ That’s how we were greeted.”

Some guards stationed at the stockades believed that homosexual inmates were available to them for sexual services and abused their power accordingly. At Treasure Island, Bill Thompson recalled, the “marines would come by and they’d get detail from the brig to go do something. There were three marines; they picked three of us. The marines just took them off somewhere and got blowjobs…” David Barrett reported similar sexual abuse at the Quonset hut in Noumea, where the Marine guards nightly escorted one man to the outdoor latrine to use him for their own pleasure. “The guards were all getting done,” Thompson explained, “ and then guarding the people that were blowing them! How do you like that! So if it came down to it, they could have put the whole goddamn armed forces in the brig!”

While this kind of abuse took place under cover, other officers more openly subjected homosexuals to public humiliation. When men in Noumea had to walk the quarter mile from the Quonset hut to the mess hall, David Barrett recalled, “we folded our arms in front of us. The rest of the hillside was lined with thousands of guys waiting to go chow, and the minute we’d start down, there’d be whistles all over the place. 'Oh, here come the girls!’ And it was a rough experince to go through.“ "Hey, fuckin’ fruits! Hey, queers!’” Thompson remembered them saying. “It was just humiliating to go through that, three times a day.” Norman Sansom remembered such an experience in Georgia as “one of the most traumatic things in my life. I just felt all of these eyes upon me and could hear 'fairy,’ 'fruit’, 'cocksucker.’ and I just wanted to block it out of my mind. It was almost like being in front of a firing squad.”

During a war time which American propaganda condemned the evils of fascism and intolerance, the men who had to endure brutal treatment for being gay, perceived the military as acting in ways that resembled the fascism they were supposed to be fighting. Whenever gay veterans, especially those locked up in queer stockades under armed guard, compared themselves to victims of the Nazis, they did not do so lightly. As Fred Thayer and his fellow inmates who were labeled with tags hanging from their shirts that said “Psychopathia Sexualis” were being transported from the hospital in New Caledonia to ship’s queer brig, the truck stopped at a disciplinary barracks to pick up Thayer’s friend from the cavalry company, whom he hadn’t seen in weeks. “He crawled into the back of the truck,” Thayer recalled, “looking like something from Dachau. I’ll never forget it. He took one look at me and fell in my arms and cried for the next hour and a half.” From his own ordeal, Thayer weighed “only 112 and I looked like a skeleton, like I’d been through
hell. In a way I suppose I had. But it wasn’t from the Japanese and guns.”

The fact that so many people think that queer history started at Stonewall and completely miss how totally queer movements and history were decimated by the Nazis and how much of our history was lost in the Holocaust is exactly why we need to talk about what the Holocaust did to queer communities rather than trying to deny queer communities their portion of understanding and reclaiming history.

Yes all this text had to be that big, it’s important.


Today, 27th of January, 2016, marks the 71st anniversary of Auschwitz being liberated.  

Let’s never forget.  Honor all those that were lost.  Not just one peoples.  Now more than ever it is important to remember tolerance and not allow violence against any one type or group of people simply for being themselves or different.


Homophobes: Make conversion therapy jokes and compares their “"opppression”“ (saying all cishets are gross or whatever, a common theme to deal w truama) to the holocaust

LGBT people: Yeah uh hey dont do that u still benefit from homophobia and conversion therapy isnt something to joke about because MANY of us have died/been scarred (emotionally, physically etc) from it.


Today marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, a horrific center of terror during the Holocaust. On January 27, 1945– almost 12 years to the day of when the Nazi party rose to power in Germany– soldiers from the Soviet Union ended the pain and suffering for all of those who were not murdered or weakened from the elements, starvation and pain from the perpetrators.

In honor of this International Holocaust Remembrance Day, I am choosing to remember and honor our beloved who perished: 6,000,000 Jews; 3,300,000 Soviet Union Prisoners of War; 2,000,000 Poles; 300,000 Romani; 250,000 disabled individuals; 10,000 LGBTQ individuals; 4,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses. Can you imagine 11,000,000 people being wiped off the face of this earth in a short period of time?

Zichronam Livracha, may the memories of all who perished be for a blessing and their families have a renewal of spirit as we stand with them in honor of their loved ones.

On this day, I am also choosing to honor all of those who survived and the heroes who will go down in history because they saved others.

In the words of Elie Weisel, “A destruction only man can provoke, only man can prevent. Mankind must remember that peace is not God’s gift to his creatures, it is our gift to each other.”

Can we talk about this for a second?

I’ve been taught stuff about the Holocaust since before I can remember and not once was this mentioned. I’m going into my freshman year of college come mid-august. ?????? Education system, what’re you doing? 

So you know what, here, have some information on the pink triangle:

“Every prisoner had to wear a downward-pointing triangle on their jacket, the colour of which was to categorise them by “kind”. Other colors identified Jewish people (two triangles superimposed as a yellow star), political prisoners, Jehovah’s Witnesses, “anti-social” prisoners, and others the Nazis deemed undesirable. Pink and yellow triangles could be combined if a prisoner was deemed to be gay and Jewish.”

Between the years of 1933 and 1944, it’s rumored that approximately 50,000 to 63,000 homosexual men were convicted of homosexuality and sent to concentration camps. 

Then, around the end of the 1970s, the [pink] triangle was adopted as a symbol for gay rights protest. 

“Some academics have linked the reclamation of the symbol with the publication, in the early 1970s, of gay concentration camp survivor Heinz Heger’s memoir, The Men with the Pink Triangle.”

“In 1995, after a decade of campaigning, a pink triangle plaque was installed at the Dachau Memorial Museum to commemorate the suffering of gay men and lesbians.”

Anecdotes From LGBT Life In [Redacted]

[These are incidents which 1) happened this year, 2) aren’t location-specific enough to reveal the country, and 3) I can recall off the top of my head. There are much much much more.]

A friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend. She was angry and decided that the reason was because he was gay. She spoke to their priest and congregation, who staged an intervention. In the resulting fallout, my friend lost almost all of his friends. His only emotional support left (other than me) are the people who are saying “But gays are terrible, and he’s not terrible, so clearly he isn’t gay!” Which is to say, their support is conditional. If it turns out he is gay, he’ll probably lose everyone.

A pastor from a church was in the country’s largest newspaper. The newspaper was calling him out for his “obscene perversion” and “defamation of God’s name”, because he had consensual sex with a man while visiting a foreign country, and the other man had surreptitiously recorded and leaked the encounter. The newspaper asked why acts like this were allowed to go unpunished. The answer: It happened outside our jurisdiction so, as much as the courts wanted to, they couldn’t prosecute him for sodomy. He still lost his entire congregation, though. #Justice

A boy in one of the public high schools had a picture of him giving a blowjob leaked on Facebook. Luckily, the blowjob-recipient’s face wasn’t visible. He was expelled for violating the school’s “Christian values”. The Christian values of our public schools.

A different boy at the same school had “faggot” scrawled on his shirt and was then pushed through a window. The staff did nothing in response. When my mother inquired about it (it was one of the schools my brother might have been sent to in September), a teacher said it was OK since the boy probably was, in fact, “a faggot”. My brother was not sent there.

A set of really lefty Leftists that I once hung out with went to an open forum on the laws and constitution of the country to give a presentation. Their presentation was approved because it was entitled “A Proposal To End Discrimination”. (Yes, “end”. Leftists are hilarious.) But then, when they got on stage, they started talking about LGBT discrimination - which the moderators were not expecting. They had a lot of really scary statistics I can no longer recall. What I can recall was the crowd’s response. They booed really loudly to drown out most of the presentation - except when they clapped really loudly for the unemployment and homelessness rates. Eventually one man got up and started chanting “Bun bullaman! Bun bullaman! Bun bullaman!” [Translation: “Burn gay men!” 3x]. The rest of the crowd took up the chant until they were too loud for the presentation to continue. The presenters left and, the moment they entered the parking lot, rocks started flying at them.

A Member of Cabinet gave a speech on “The Spiritual Development of [Redacted]”. In it, he identified the greatest threat to our morals as being “the normalisation of dangerous and destructive lifestyles, such as homosexuality”. When asked how the government should respond to this, he said “they should be identified and thrown out”. My mother sarcastically asked him if the government would start putting yellow stars on them, and he said that this was a reasonable suggestion. I’m not sure which is more horrifying: He doesn’t get the holocaust reference, or he does!

On Friday, one of my professors (who knows I’m trans) asked what my problem is. Why I keep trying to immigrate. Canada can’t take more people, and I’m from a beautiful country, so I have every reason to just stay home.

This is why I can’t stay home.