lgbt flag

It’s so dumb for people to complain about the brown and black stripes on the pride flag because “being a poc isn’t a sexual orientation/gender identity!!!” bc like in what world do the stripes represent different sexual orientations or gender identities…they celebrate valued complements of the lgbt community like love and harmony and sex and to include stripes that represent diversity or the inclusion/acceptance/welcoming of poc actually really fits that theme


                                                   LEARN YOUR HISTORY.

I wanted to create a short, simple guide to the history & origins of the pride flags and get people to learn more about the symbols of our community. I know this isn’t the complete list, but I wanted to start this off with these 7. Hopefully, in the future I will update and add some more. This has been a long research & creation process. I’m open to suggestions.

And please don’t leave hateful comments. 

Incel Flag

Incel: someone who desires romantic or sexual experiences, but has not had any for an extended time (over 6 months) for reasons other than purposely abstaining from them

Edit (Disclaimer): Although the definition of this term seems neutral in nature, the roots of it are misogynistic and should be used with care.


Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!