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For all the lesbians out there who wants a family with kids:

I am from Brazil. Today I’ve got the news that after almost a year waiting, a lesbian couple got the kid they’ve wanted so badly to adopt.
Everything is well, and the kid is happily calling them “mãe and mamãe” (mom and mommy).
Everything is well.

Happy endings DO EXIST.
You deserve a family, you deserve to be happy.
Just be patient, hold on. Love will ALWAYS win. 👭 🌈


This is Kane and their daughter Mackenzie. Mac is 13 years old and awesome. Kane is a graduate student, genderqueer, and a devoted parent.

But In 2006, a Midwest probate court decided someone who “doesn’t even know what gender they are” wasn’t fit to parent a child. Mackenzie was removed from the only parent she’d ever known, and sent to live with some disapproving elderly conservative Christian relatives. Kane’s struggle to regain custody has been ongoing for nearly 8 years now, with many twists and turns and hopes and disappointments along the way.

You can read more about Kane and Mackenzie’s struggle to bring their family back together here.

Because of developments in the case and changing attitudes in the state, there is new hope that Mackenzie and Kane will be reunited soon. However, they need to raise at least $5000 for legal and relocation costs to get Mackenzie home. No donation is too small to make a difference.

You can send donations to Kane directly via Paypal at or contact this blog privately for the link to the family’s GoFundMe page. (For the sake of Mackenzie’s privacy, we decided not to post  that link on Tumblr, since it uses her legal name.) If you can signalboost this post to your friends, that’s a great help, too. Thank you!


Megan and Candice: Year One

Trans Man Who Thought He Was Overweight  Was Pregnant

From Pink News:

He says he alerted his partner, Elijah, after he started to experience severe back pain and felt extremely bloated. […]

The pair then joked that they should do a pregnancy test – and were floored by the results.

After a doctor confirmed that the couple were indeed expecting a baby, they used what little time they had preparing for their new arrival. […]

Kayden also had to come out to his husband’s family, who struggled to accept him as they had no idea that he was trans.

“It must have been difficult hearing that your son’s boyfriend was pregnant, I don’t deny that,” Elijah explained.

“But I felt like there were some unkind comments and I didn’t appreciate that.”
Despite their early struggles, the couple say their family life is “better than ever” as their daughter approaches her second birthday.

Read the whole story!

They are so desperate to see Hillary lose, several thousand have now huddled up around Jill Stein as the third-party spoiler. That means that their need for revenge is bigger than their need to preserve a moderate to liberal Supreme Court. It’s bigger than the safety of Muslim Americans under a spiteful Trump presidency. It’s bigger than respecting millions of hardworking Latino immigrants. It’s bigger than the fate of LGBT families whose rights will be stripped and reversed under a conservative Supreme Court. It’s bigger than the bare bones austerity budget Paul Ryan wants and needs to pass, reversing the course of decades of post-Roosevelt social policies. It’s bigger than demanding equal rights for women not be rolled back. It’s bigger than the environment because Trump has made it very clear that he doesn’t believe in climate change and wants to drill baby drill, burn coal till there’s no more to burn, and “bomb their oil and take their oil.” Their need for revenge is bigger than any other concern facing anyone poor, struggling, needy or oppressed. It has only to do with their anger and rage, their sense of entitlement, their hatred of women.