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Ellen Page to romance Kate Mara in LGBT drama 'Mercy'
Mercy stars Ellen Page and Kate Mara as women on opposite sides of a political dispute, who fall in love against all odds.

“In another great win for mainstream LGBT cinema, Hollywood stars Ellen Page and Kate Mara are uniting for Mercy, written by Joe Barton and directed by Israeli filmmaker Tali Shalom-Ezer (Princess).

The movie follows Ellen Page’s Lucy, whom Variety describes as “the daughter of a man on death row,” who falls in love with Kate Mara’s titular Mercy.

Mercy is “a woman on the opposing side of [Lucy’s] family’s political cause,” and their romance will test Lucy’s “value for truth, as her world begins to unravel.”  

Ellen Page, an out actress herself, has long been working to increase LGBT visibility in the media. Her road show Gaycation sees Page travel around the world with her best friend, Ian Daniel, to visit LGBT communities. The show is nominated for an Emmy in the “Best Unstructured Reality Series” category.

Incidentally, when Page came out as a lesbian in 2014, Kate Mara sent her the following tweet:

Ellen Page responded:

Anecdotally, Kate Mara’s sister Rooney Mara starred opposite Cate Blanchett in 2015’s smash hit LGBT drama Carol. Let’s hope Mercy will find similar success and acclaim!”

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My list of fav LGBTQ Cinema / characters (+ one mini series): 1970-1999


—What? I didn’t say anything.
—What did you say?

—I didn’t say anything.
—Yes, you did.

Steve Buscemi and Richard Ganoung in Parting Glances (1986).
A film directed and writed for Bill Sherwood.

Another upload of one of the first gif-sets I made when I was new at tumblr (which I uploaded at that time as a text post because I was clueless and didn’t knew better).

It’s really funny that in a interview Quentin Tarantino (QT) did to Steve Buscemi (SB) the thing went like this:
SB It lead to other work in independent films and some TV stuff, Miami Vice.
QT When I saw you in Parting Glances, you made a total impression on me. But I didn’t think anyone in that movie was an actor, I just thought everyone was…
SB …friends of Bill.
QT Yeah, and then I saw you as a fight promoter in a movie with Brad Davis called Heart. My first impression was here is this gay guy running around as a fight promoter, because I thought of you as the guy in Parting Glances. I thought of you as part of this underground group of personalities, but that wasn’t the case. You guys were all actors. It was a testament to you guys. You were very realistic.