lgbt cinema

  • Sometimes I just want to go to the fucking cinema and see some fucking romcom movies with two women falling in love, or a fucking action movie with a same sex couple in it, and have it be a regular fucking ass blockbuster movie, with fucking mainstream actors in it, and it wouldn’t be all, indi, in its own fucking genre, I need to read fucking subtitles, it took me two fucking weeks to find a working stream of this movie online, typecast queer actors, low budget, everyone fucking dies in the end, story. but a fucking regular budget, happy, fucking cheesy ending where the guy gets the guy, and the girl gets the girl, and they fucking save the day and get to morodor, rescue the prime minister, and find the fucking castle in the sky, and then I finish up my overpriced popcorn at the most popular theatre in my city whilst watching the fucking michael bay, lucasfilm, pixar credits at the end, and we all have a fucking great time at the movies
bollywood lgbq movies

i know there are really few which really sucks but here are the good ones!!

note: unfortunately, in a lot of these, the character’s sexuality is a ~plot twist reveal~ so, spoilers ahead i guess


  • fire (1996)
  • sancharram (2004)
  • girlfriend (2004) [offensive]
  • men not allowed (2006) [offensive]
  • 3 kanya (2012) 
  • margarita with a straw (2014)
  • dedh ishqiya (2014)
  • angry indian goddesses (2015)
  • unfreedom (2015)


  • mango souffle (2002)
  • my brother nikhil (2005)
  • honeymoon travels pvt. ltd. (2007) 
  • i am (2011) 
  • bombay talkies (2013)
  • aligarh (2015)
  • kapoor and sons (2016)

wlw movies with south asian leads:

  • chutney popcorn (1999)
  • nina’s heavenly delights (2006)
  • the world unseen (2007)
  • i can’t think straight (2008)

movies with minor mlm characters:

  • page 3 (2005)
  • life in a metro (2007)
  • fashion (2008)
  • student of the year (2012) [offensive]
  • humpty sharma ki dulhania (2014)
  • shandaar (2015)

movies with wlw subtext:

  • mandi (1983)
  • razia sultan (1983)
  • monica (2011)
  • shaitaan (2011)
  • heroine (2012)


  • confessions- its complicated
  • all about section 377 [offensive]
  • the ‘other’ love story

a lot of these are mainstream and come on tv all the time (check out the channel &pictures), but i know some are pretty inaccessible so i suggest you either 

  1. torrent them (if you live in india, use
  2. buy roadside dvds or order dvds online (especially during diwali/new year sales when they’re like 50-70% off)
  3. watch online, some are definitely available (make sure to have the adblock pro chrome extension installed) 

i’ve seen most of these so if you want trigger warnings, or want to know which have happy endings, or can’t find any, feel free to message me!

happy watching :D


My list of fav LGBTQ Cinema / characters (+ one mini series): 1970-1999


”A minority is only thought of as one when it constitutes some kind of threat to the majority. A real threat or an imagined one. Therein lies the fear. And if the minority is somehow invisible, then the fear is much greater. That fear is why the minority is persecuted. So, you see there always is a cause. The cause is fear.”

A Single Man (2009) dir. Tom Ford

We need more queer genre movies.

Give me gay action heroes and lesbian super-spies and genderqueer androids and trans werewolves. Give me bisexual pirates and lesbian detectives and queer spaceship captains. Give me pansexual space cowboys and queer elves and lesbian mermaids. I want them all. Because “LGBT” should not be a genre in its own right.

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