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my issue here is that Disney doesn’t want to try portraying lgbt+ people into their shows/movies because of the negative responses they’d get, but they don’t understand that if you put lgbt+ rep into their channel they’d get the views of most of the lgbt+ community, because we want representation, so even if the channel representing us is a ‘kids channel’ we’re still going to watch, we want to see ourselves being portrayed. representing lgbt people on Disney would actually get them a whole lot of views.

especially if they had let Riley and Maya be together, because I don’t know if Disney realizes this but..lesbians will literally watch anything that has lesbians in it

TAKE 2! Watch new bloopers from Almost Adults! 

if comic Kevin Keller saw Riverdale I imagine he’d be super not okay with it until he saw his bastardized self get a bad-boy for a boyfriend

hopefully Archie comics doesn’t send me a cease and desist for this XD

Edit: in retrospect this reminds me of the midnight channel from Persona 4, but with Archies

Edit: Britta lundin adressed the issue this comic was mocking, she was first of all seemingly terrified that people are shipping Kevin and Veronica (not many but some) and said that it was not their intent to imply a romance between them and that they are just supposed to be friends….kinda makes this comic redundant




Which Canadian would you marry?


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