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Hey jack, this doesn't really effect YOUR content specifically but what do you think about the YouTube LGBTQ+ restriction? From my point of view it is ridiculous and should be dealt with immediately.

At first I was like “well it seems like everyone is effected by the restriction mode” but then I thought about it a bit more. If people are being restricted as “inappropriate content” just because they’re LGBT channels then that’s absolute bullshit.

The fact that we dont know how or why restriction mode works is ridiculous. Youtube need to speak up. EDIT: YT have since issued an explanation


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In regards to YouTube’s homophobic restricted filter

YouTube is blocking most LGBT+ videos and even channels of those who are openly gay from search results.

Even Steven Universe has been affected

Not all videos were blocked, but MANY have been.

If you scroll down, you’ll also see many more videos blocked too…

Please spread awareness, and also keep supporting LGBT+ YouTubers, as they’re gonna need it.


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if comic Kevin Keller saw Riverdale I imagine he’d be super not okay with it until he saw his bastardized self get a bad-boy for a boyfriend

hopefully Archie comics doesn’t send me a cease and desist for this XD

Edit: in retrospect this reminds me of the midnight channel from Persona 4, but with Archies

Edit: Britta lundin adressed the issue this comic was mocking, she was first of all seemingly terrified that people are shipping Kevin and Veronica (not many but some) and said that it was not their intent to imply a romance between them and that they are just supposed to be friends….kinda makes this comic redundant
Hi everyone! This is a slam poem I wrote on the topic of gender for my Sex, Gender, and Culture course. I know it is kind of intense. If you have any questio...

If you hate gender roles, check out this slam poem ; ^ )


We made Emma Watson gay.