lgbt affirming

This Is Your Pride Month Too:

•Even if you choose to stay closeted

•Even if you are forced to stay closeted for your own safety

•Even if you are out to some people and not others

•Even if you still haven’t fully come to terms with your identity

•Even if you’re still learning how to be proud

•Even if you are still exploring various identities to find where you are most comfortable

•Even if you tend to dress to your ASAB because it’s just easier or it’s not safe for you to do otherwise

•Even if your family doesn’t support you

•Even if you feel the LGBTQ+ community doesn’t recognise you

•Even if you doubt your own validity

•Even if you still accidentally misgender yourself

•Even if you do not have a specific pronoun preference


dear trans individuals,

you are valid.

yes, God did make you in HIS IMAGE, but in HIS IMAGE, he needed you to take this journey to find your true self. he made you to teach other people in your life compassion as well, as this is different from the usual, but in no way wrong.

its long, hard, and difficult, but God puts those who are strongest in these situations. you are strong, brave, so many wonderful things.

a christian

I hope all of my trans and non binary lovelies have a wonderful day today ✨

✨ESPECIALLY trans and non binary people of color.
You are all amazing, wonderful, and just plain beautiful.
You make our small little planet sparkle!! I hope the world is good to you today.