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I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been 'No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.
—  Steve Jobs

For wlw / sapphics: when the love of your life wakes you up with countless little kisses, God is smiling down at you, and when the two of you get out of bed to make pancakes together, God laughs to watch her kiss batter off your nose

For mlm / guys who like guys: while you work up the nerve to hold a boy’s hand for the first time, that hitch in your heartbeat is God’s way of nudging you forward, cheering you on

For aromantics and others who never end up in a relationship: when your eye fixes on a flower growing up from a crack in the sidewalk, know that God grew it there just for you, because you don’t need a significant other to be showered in flowers and joy

For trans folks: when you look in the mirror and for the first time you see yourself, and euphoria fills your soul, your Maker is euphoric too, thrilled you are blossoming into the person God always planned for you to become

For all LGBT+ folks: every rainbow painted across a cloudy sky promises a thousand times over that you are so loved, and that this is exactly how you were meant to be.

[writing about the healing in Matthew 8] What is intriguing about this story is the sequence. Jesus touches the leper first. Then the command “Be clean!” is offered. That is, Jesus’ first move is into ritual defilement. By first touching the leper, Jesus intentionally and willfully seeks contamination, standing in solidarity with the unclean. This is striking because the expected sequence would be the initial purification followed by contact. Jesus, surprisingly for the onlookers, does the opposite. Contact occurs first. Purification follows solidarity. And one can only wonder how various Christian communities approach this sequence in their own missional endeavors.
—  Richard Beck, Unclean
I have the courage in me to stand up for whats right.

Affirmation of the day.

Stand up. Speak out. Let your voice be heard. Continue to educate yourself. Continue to practice self care because trying to improve the world is a very draining process and most importantly, keep talking to yourself in a positive way and don’t tear yourself down inside of your head. Keep going. The work you are doing matters. Thank you. 


there is no wrong or right way to be gay!

teeny tiny sporty girl who likes pop music and kissing boys and girls? she’s no less valid

kid who came out as ace at age 15 and has been fluctuating between ace and demi? TOTALLY valid

person who is pretty “meh” on their sexuality? that’s allowed, you’re allowed to not know or not want to label yourself

john deer loving truck guy who also takes it up the butt? fuck yeah you’re a real person

not every LGBT person is some clear cut ethereal prince/princess/agender nymph

they’re still LGBT

Love your knobbly knees, the dusting of hair on your upper lip, the way one of your eyebrows arches higher than the other.
Love your thick hair, the way your cheeks puff when you smile, the crooked toe on your right foot.
Love your flat chest, the graceful arch of your back, your gazelle legs.
Love your soft and strong body, your drooping eyelids, the freckle on the back of your wrist that makes you think of summer.
Love your muscled calves, the gap between your teeth, the way the tendon stands out in your neck.
Love your wide hands and short fingers, your thick black brows, your square jaw.
Love the soft and smooth feeling you get from shaving your body.
Love the feeling of wild hair, natural glory.
Love your chipped nail polish, your chipped front tooth.
Love your wide eyes.
Love your long graceful fingers.
Love your short hair.
Love your long hair.
Love your chest.
Love your muscles.
Love your fat.
Love your birthmarks, your freckles.
Love your scars.
Love your body.
Cis or trans, ablebodied or disabled, straight or not straight, neurotypical or neurodivergent, white or nonwhite, marginalized or not marginalized, everyone deserves self love.

I’m black. I’m a woman. I’m also a Republican. No, I’m not parroting everything my parents believe. My parents are actually Democrats. No, I’m not a white woman posing as a black woman, pulling a Rachel Dolezal. No, this message isn’t being paid for by the RNC. As someone that was once rabid liberal, I know what the other side thinks of the GOP, and I know how wrong they are. Below I’ll address several misconceptions about what Republicans believe and stand for.

The Black Community - As a republican I oppose affirmative action because I’m not racist. I don’t believe that being black is a disability. I don’t believe that black people are any less capable than their white counterparts, and or that they need exceptions made for them to succeed. If someone needs to rely on anything but their qualifications to land an opportunity, they themselves are being cheated, as well as the more accomplished candidate that was overlooked in the name of “diversity.” Affirmative action belittles achievement, and gives precedence not to the person that worked the hardest, but the person with the most impressive sob story.

Poor People - Who’s motives should be challenged? The party that promotes policies that create jobs and opportunities, or the party that promotes policies that get people laid off, businesses shut down, and costs increased? Why does believing in poor people and their competence mean hating them? And why does championing legislation that make the poor dependent on the government mean “compassion?” It doesn’t. Who cares more about a person? The parent telling them to take control of their life and start making wiser choices, or the partner that encourages someone to quit their job, move in with them and entrust them with their wellbeing?

The LGBTQ Community - Many Republicans either support gay marriage or don’t think the government should be involved in marriage at all. But believing in a biblical definition of marriage doesn’t mean that someone also believes that on the third day God created the Remington bolt-action rifle so that Man could fight the dinosaurs and the homosexuals. While any Republican that actually understands American conservatism values the rights of the individual, many oppose gay marriage because they don’t want their churches forced at gunpoint to perform weddings that conflict with their beliefs, or risk losing their tax exempt status.

Women - Why are Democrats praised as the party for women as they continue to harp on false, nonsensical statistics like the “wage gap?” Why do they insist that we elect a grossly under qualified woman that has lied and cheated her way to the top if women and men are equals? If women and men are equal, why should we overlook this woman’s borderline criminal past? Why shouldn’t she be treated with the same scrutiny as any of the men running against her? And why does opposition to abortion mean a hate for women? Why does an expectation that women make sexually responsible decisions that don’t result in the termination of an innocent life mean “misogyny?” Hint: it doesn’t.

I won’t pretend that some Republicans aren’t stupid, racist, sexist or homophobic but with any movement or ideology, human error is inevitable- and this is evident on the left as well. If feminists insist that anyone that makes them look bad isn’t a “real” feminist, then the political right should also be afforded the luxury of being judged on what it stands for rather than by its token nut jobs.

anonymous asked:

hey there! I'm in my church worship band and I really want to write a song about how God loves everyone regardless of who they love, but I'm not out to anyone yet so I have to make it subtle. any ideas?

I love that you’re planning on writing a song, that’s so rad! And hmm, let’s see…

If you have to be subtle, focusing on a related theme like the diversity of how God created us might be a good idea. Write about how there are many types of love, about how there are many parts to the one Body of Christ, about how God delights in our diversity and how our uniqueness helps enrich the Body. 

One song that comes to mind on this topic is the hymn “All Are Welcome” – I grew up singing it in a Catholic church that never thought about how, actually, not everyone felt welcome there. Then, I started attending a church that is affirming of LGBT+ identities and when we sang the song there, it was clearly meant that all were welcome. So to the people at your church who are more conservative, if you sing about diversity or welcome, they likely won’t pick up on the idea that you mean all people, all relationships, all loves, while those who are affirming/progressive might get it, you know? 

I might add more to this post if I think of other ideas! Does anyone else have other suggestions for anon?

hi y’all!! it’s LGBT history month and i’m doing an art piece centered on LGBT+ healing and positivity. in a public installation at my university, an empty chair will face a screen playing a video loop of LGBT+ affirmations – thats where you come in! 

i need lgbt+ submissions of videos (3 seconds to 5 minutes long) of you and/or your loved ones saying positive sentiments to an lgbt+ audience!! your face does not need to be included and your name will not be given! i’d be delighted by personalized messages specific to your identity, but also so happy to receive clips of people saying simple things like the list bellow:

  • you are valid 
  • i love you 
  • it’s going to be ok 

a particular emphasis on uplifting stories would be appreciated – ie: a relaying of your struggles followed by how they were overcome, etc. the target audience are lgbt+ young adults feeling lost and hopeless about their identity, so i want the primary theme to be positive.  

submit your videos to my email, with the title “lgbt+ video submission” – you can attach your video as a file!  

furthermore, there is also going to be a container of resources at the installation site for lgbt+ youth, containing things like sweaters, informative pamphlets, cards, stickers, snacks, and other small mementos. if you are interested in contributing a gift, email me at and i can give you shipping information! 

the deadline is october 25!!! please boost this post if you aren’t able to contribute!! once the video has been made, i’ll upload and share it here, and once it’s been installed, i’ll be sure to post documentation of the project!! ill be reblogging this post every day until then; if you’d like to blacklist it, it’ll be tagged “ellie’s lgbt+ video installation”!  thanks so much!

We must all mature in our faith to the point where we can separate our faith in God from the human and fallible church. We must develop our personal life of prayer so that we have our own direct and immediate contact with God. We can no longer allow our faith and belief to depend exclusively on the mediation of the church, with the result that if we become disillusioned with and scandalized by the human church, we are tempted to give up all belief. We must take a chance on God, keeping in mind that God, too, may well be scandalized by the church. After all, during his lifetime Jesus was in serious conflict with his church and its authorities.
—  John J. McNeill, Taking A Chance On God
Sin always means broken relationships. It means unwillingness to be what we are as human beings in the image of God, human beings who are ourselves only as we live in community with God and our fellow human beings. In short, sin is not loving and not being willing to let ourselves be loved.

Shirley C. Guthrie in Christian Doctrine.

I think this description of sin has interesting implications in light of those who argue that LGBT+ relationships are sinful. When is it that we refuse to let ourselves be loved – when we shy away relationships because they are LGBT+, or when we dare to enter into loving relationships regardless of any label our society slaps on them?