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In honor of Asexual awareness week, here’s some facts about asexuals. Presented to you by me: an Asexual

First, an overview of what Asexuality is:

Asexuality (often shortened to “ace”) is a sexual orientation, defined by a lack of sexual attraction, it is different than Romantic attraction, Aesthetic and Platonic attraction, and Sensual attraction. Although some Asexuals do have sex, some are sex-repulsed, or just not interested. This does not mean that they are “broken” or need to be fixed, it’s just the way they are and that is 100% valid.

Asexuality is a spectrum, including:

  • Gray-asexuals/Graysexuals - those who only experience sexual attraction occasionally
  • Demisexuals - those who only experience sexual attraction once a strong bond is formed 

Asexuals can be:

  • Homoromantic - romantically attracted to people of the same gender
  • Heteroromantic - romantically attracted to people of a different gender
  • Biromantic - romantically attracted to two or more genders  
  • Panromantic - romantically attracted to all genders
  • Aromantic - not romantically attracted to anyone

Things you not to say to asexuals:

“It’s just a phase” “You’ll grow out of it” “So are you like, attracted to plants??” “That is so weird!” “Where you, y’know, r*ped or something?” “How do you know if you haven’t tried it?”

Things like these are very invalidating and rude, and frankly, none of your business.

Please do your best to be supportive, whether or not you understand.

let me know if I missed anything that should go on here and i’ll add it in

Happy Asexual awareness week!!!! I love y'all 💜🖤

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Stop hate!

I made a post yesterday to celebrate the start of asexual week and everything was alright until @pomspoms came out (no pun intended) of nowhere and started hating on my post about love positivity.

Not only excluding asexuals, but basically denying pansexuals and others of their spot as members of the community “because their sexuality is not on the inicials ”.

This is supposed to be a week of validation to asexuals and yet I have to deal with hate on a post about MY OWN SEXUALITY. On a post I tagged with “respect others” none the less