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Scientists Just Proved That “Patient Zero” Did Not Bring HIV To The US

Dugas, known simply as Patient “O” (for “Outside of California”) in the CDC papers, was near the center of the cluster. A mistake in CDC communications, however, labeled him as Patient “0.”

Dugas died that same year, but the mistake would plague his name posthumously. In 1987, Randy Shilts published the widely read And The Band Played On, the first popular history of the AIDS epidemic. In it, Shilts named Dugas and delved deep into his life, portraying him as “Patient Zero,” a sexually promiscuous flight attendant who knowingly spread the virus.

This Gay Teen Deserves An A+ For Her Feminist Yearbook Quote

“Twitter user @casualnosebleed shared a photo of a yearbook quote chosen by her close friend Caitlyn Cannon on Tuesday, and in just one day, the image was retweeted almost 4,000 times. In her Twitter bio, Cannon describes herself as a “feminist” and “really gay.” Her senior quote sums that up quite perfectly.

The quote reads: “I need feminism because I intend on marrying rich and I can’t do that if my wife and I are making .75 cent for every dollar a man makes.”

Cannon, a 17-year-old who just graduated from Oak Hills High School in California, said she found the quote on Tumblr and changed the parts that were written from a man’s perspective. She chose the quote because she wanted to leave something behind that was both different and true to herself.

“I was tired of seeing the same old quotes from popular books and movies and authors, and I wanted to call attention to a problem that women face,” she said in an email to The Huffington Post. “I’ve never really been ashamed to say that I am gay, so the LGBT aspect was simply who I am.”

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Cannon describes herself as a “feminist” and “really gay.”  

I can’t believe that this hasn’t made its way to tumblr yet. But two days ago, two lesbian girls were beaten up at the Gay Street in Rome. The aggressors were the parents of one of the two girls, whom they had recently found out to be gay. According to the witnesses, the father started throwing tables and chairs at them.
The daughter of the aggressors had a panic attack and an ambulance was called to take her to the hospital, as she was obviously in shock. She has decided not to report the event to the authorities.
Please help us spread the word and find the two girls, as their names have not been disclosed by reporters due to privacy. Just a few months ago, a refuge for LGBT people was opened in Rome and associations would be more than happy to support these girls (and anyone else who needs support).
As of 2016, there is no protection for LGBT people. Homophobia is not listed as a hate crime and unless the victims choose to report them, the aggressors will literally face no consequence.
(I will source this later as I am not on my computer right now, but I’m afraid I’ll only be able to provide sources in Italian, sorry)


Wedding Photos From All 50 States 50 Days After Nationwide Marriage Equality

Just fifty days after the Supreme Court found a nationwide right to marriage equality in the U.S., BuzzFeed News found photos from weddings in each state and Washington, D.C.

Some of these weddings are small, others spill over with guests. Some of these weddings took months to plan, others took only minutes to complete in a small courthouse office. Some weddings took place years before the Supreme Court’s ruling on June 26th of this year, others took place the morning of the ruling.

All were displays of love now recognized in law.


Obama’s Monumental Legacy On The LGBTQ Community


We did a “First Kiss” experiment and asked 15 homophobic people to hug a gay stranger. 

And guess what. It wasn’t so bad.


On December 10th, U.S. Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy will return to the Winter Dew Tour as the defending champion of Slopestyle, but everything will feel like a first — his first competition since recovering from a serious injury (surgery for a break in his femur last March), and his first appearance as an out skier. BuzzFeed caught up with Kenworthy over the phone — after strolling around New York City with him just a week earlier — to discuss how it feels to have landed one of the biggest jumps of his life and what challenges are up next.  (Photos by Jared Harrell for BuzzFeed News)

A Month After Coming Out, Gus Kenworthy Is Returning To The Slopes — As Himself

As a group of Multimedia students we wanted to build awareness on a very important topic. The lives of Transgender people and awareness in Ireland.
Please give it a view and let the video do the speaking. I hope it is relevant to more than just Ireland and that anyone who watches it takes away a fresh view with them.
It’s such an important topic and I really hope people listen to this and that things change for the better soon. Help make 2017 a year to be proud of.

Donald mate, 

1. So according to that logic, because George W. Bush did such a poor job as president, so why are we seeing another white man in the White House? 
2. President Obama didn’t win the lottery, he won a presidential race with votes.
3. President Obama doesn’t represent every single African American.
4. The American elections sway between Democrat and Republican. For longer than 100 years. 
5. America will see another black president. 
6. And a female one.
7. And an LGBT one. 
8. You ought to welcome change, you idiot.