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Today Sally Ride became the first US female in Space.

On June 18th 1983 Space Shuttle Mission STS-7 lifted itself into space with on board the first American female astronaut. The flight that lasted a bit over 6 days made Ride the third woman to enter the big unknown. Up to this date Sally is still the youngest NASA astronaut to travel in space.

Sally Ride passed away in 2012, her obituary revealed she had a female partner, making her the first (known) LGB astronaut in space.  Ride had always opted to keep her personal life private.

Image source: NASA


On June 18th 1983 Sally ride soared into the sky on the seventh space shuttle launch. 20 years and 2 days after the flight of Tereshkova she became the third woman and first American woman in space. While the US was late with sending women into orbit, her flight flight started an era where it not unusual anymore for women to participate in spaceflight.

Sally Ride continued her career as an astronaut and flew a year later on STS-41G. She was also selected for a third mission, which got cancelled after the Challenger disaster. She was on the research board for that disaster as well as for the discovery disaster. She resigned as an astronaut in 1987 to go into education. She was part of several outreach programs, such as ISS EarthKAM and her own company Sally Ride Science.

Sally Ride passed away last year after battling cancer. After her dead it became known that Ride left behind Tam O'Shaughnessy, who had been her partner since 1985. This revelation made her the first known LGB astronaut. 

Photos: NASA