Huffington Post’s definition of queer, just in case you thought it still meant anything (source).

Queer includes all us queer folks across the spectrum of sexuality, gender, physical ability, presentation, and anatomical gloriousness. But it isn’t only us. Because truth is, in the current political climate, if you aren’t a straight, white, patriarchy-loving religious zealot, you’re queer too.

💖  Lesbians who’ve known they were gay since they were a toddler are perfect and loved.

💖  Lesbians who discovered they were gay accidentally when dared to kiss a girl in high school are perfect and loved.

💖  Lesbians who waited to admit they were gay until college where they could explore themselves away from family are perfect and loved. 

💖  Lesbians who didn’t know, or didn’t admit, they were gay until later in life are perfect and loved.

💖  Lesbians are perfect and loved.

the very idea that an identity will crumble to dust if it is ‘invalidated’ i think reveals the constructed nature of that particular identity. for instance, i don’t need anybody to validate my identity as a gay man because i AM a gay man. by my very nature i’m sexually inclined toward men and if tomorrow i were to forget everything i know i would still be sexually attracted to the male sex and my brain and body would respond in that way. it is the simple, brute reality of my existence and whether or not that is confirmed by those around me does not negate the inescapable reality of it all. i don’t have to worry about my 'identity’ being valid because its reality is not contingent on how/what i or others feel/believe about it.

Most Unfortunate Encounter
  • Guy: Hi, you are so lovely, you are beautiful (talks about my hair and eyes).
  • Me: (Get my attention by tapping the seat next to him. I had headphones on and was on Tumblr). ? Thanks ?
  • Guy: You do not like guys though, right?
  • Me: (Knows he is judging me by my clothes) No, I like everyone. I identify as a guy.
  • Guy: Really? But you do not have the thing that makes you a guy, right?
  • Me: (Remembers I do not have a penis. Feels immediately dysphoric). Unfortunately, no (not wanting to start yelling at him about how a penis does not make you a man).
  • Guy: So you like both boys and girls?
  • Me: And everyone in between. I am pansexual... I suppose (starts to get pressured). I am dating a non-binary person.
  • Guy: What?
  • Me: (Sticks out hands, beside me, indicated non-binary is neither side of the spectrum).
  • Guy: What is your name?
  • Me: Noah.
  • Guy: No, no, what is your real name?
  • Me: (Remembers I legally changed my name) Noah.
  • Guy: No, what was it before?
  • Me: Christina (hates life).
  • Guy: What a lovely name.
  • Yup. This fucking happened.

Joan of Arc was not a trans man. Let gnc women exist in peace. Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera were not trans women, let gnc gay men and drag queens exist in peace. Mulan was not a trans man. Let gnc women exist in peace. Elagalabus, the Roman Emperor, was not a trans woman. Let gnc men exist in peace. Stop! Saying! Historical! Figures! Were! Trans! When! They! Were! Not!

Lesbian ask game!

1. Name one way you break lesbian stereotypes?

2. Who was the first girl you remember having feelings for?

3. Who’s your favorite gay animal?

4. Do you have a girlfriend?

5. Define love in 5 words or less

6. What characteristics do you look for in a girl?

7. Do you participate in lesbian clubs or events?

8. What’s your situation with being out?

9. Say some things you love about your crush/girlfriend?

10. Do you want to get married?

11. Do you want to have kids?

12. Who’s your favorite historical lesbian?

13. What’s your favorite song about lesbians?

14. What’s your favorite book about lesbians?

15. Who’s your favorite lesbian character?

16. If you live in a country where gay marriage is legal, where were you when it was legalized? Did you do anything to celebrate?!

17. If you could meet one famous lesbian (dead or alive) who would you pick?

18. Have you ever kissed a girl?

19. Do you have any favorite lesbian positivity blogs?

20. Who was your first real life crush?

21. What is one thing you think your school/ place of work could do to create a safe environment for lesbians?

22. Have you ever been to a gay/lesbian bar?

23. Do you know any lesbians outside of the internet?

24. Describe your ideal gaycation?

25. Do you listen to any lesbian musicians?

Creo que siempre he sido bisexual. Quiero decir, es algo en lo que siempre he estado interesado. Pienso que todo el mundo nace siendo bisexual y es algo que nuestros padres y la sociedad nos meten a la cabeza que es malo. Dicen que es tabú. Yo creo que es algo muy bonito.
—  Notas de un ex

how is it that in 2017 we have people proclaiming they are members of the lgbt community who actually think that lesbianism can involve a penis in any way. 

i am just…beyond confused. how can you be a member of the GAY community and not understand what homosexuality is???? like??? get it together, sis. say that shit to a lesbian from the 80s and she’d tear your head off.

Yesterday in Hallmark I was delighted to find that there was a “same-sex” section of marriage/anniversary cards, only to soon realize that there were only four cards there: two for achillean couples and two for sapphic couples, each type of couple receiving only one option for an anniversary and only one option for a wedding card. So basically if you think The Gays™ receive an overwhelming amount of representation then you are a homophobe. And if you are eager to take what little spaces and representation we have away from us to make room for your identity then you’re completely selfish. The representation we receive does not even meet the bare minimum of what we need, and we’ve had enough taken from us already. 

Her gentle fingers caressing my bare skin as she bit my lip pushing my back against the wall. I could feel the heat flush on my face and the constant fluttery feeling in my stomach intensify when she took my lips in between hers. Her body pressing against mine trapping me between the cool surface of the hall and her flushed body. The gentle caresses are replaced by fingers fiddling with the hem of my shirt. This time her tongue invaded my mouth and I moaned in response feeling the heat pooling at my core. My shirt soon on the floor and her soft lips finding my sweet spot on my neck only causing me to moan shamelessly. Our clothes gone in a flash and our bodies intertwined in our shared bed. Her nimble fingers constantly dashing around my skin, teasing me. Her sweet lips close to my ears mumbling dirty whispers causing my body to shiver in arousal.