“When thinking of iconic romance, ask yourself if any imagery (paintings, photographs, film-stills) comes to mind that is not showing heterosexual couples? Probably not,” says photographer Braden Summers of his photo series of everyday gay and lesbian couples from around the globe.


It Did Not Start With Stonewall: 
Black Lesbian Elders Tell Their Herstories
( Video uploaded on Jan 12, 2007 )

“Our revolution didn’t start with Stonewall. African American lesbian elders tell the tales of gay New York life in Harlem, Brooklyn and the Bronx before the world-altering Stonewall rebellion. In this clip they recall, raids and suffocating laws and racial discrimination faced within the gay community.” - On January 10, 2012 |  ELIXHER          


Some Selected Readings I've Come Across Recently:
Anne Summers said: ‘Lesbians are regarded as being even more subversive than male homosexuals because they are not sexually or emotionally dependent on men and their sexual preference is a living defiance of the patriarchal precept that men are superior to women and indispensable to women’s survival’ (Summers, 1975: 159).

Marsha P. Johnson was not a trans woman. He was in a documentary two days before he died where he said “I’m a man”. In the 60s and 70s, he identified as a “gay transvestite”. His close friends used both male and female pronouns and he didn’t take offense to either. He didn’t even live as “Marsha” all of the time, he went back and forth between living as Malcolm and living as “Marsha”.

Sylvia Rivera wasn’t a trans woman either. In 1971 he called himself a “transvestite” and a “half-sister”. He wrote an essay titled “Transvestites: Your Half Sisters and Half Brothers of the Revolution” where he says that “Transvestites are homosexual men and women who dress in clothes of the opposite sex.” In an interview in 1995 with Randy Wicker and in a 2002 essay titled “Queens In Exile, The Forgotten Ones”, he variously calls himself a “gay man”, a “gay girl” (probably in the “gurl” sense, not the female sense), and a “drag queen.” He knew he was male…“The early 60s was not a good time for drag queens, effeminate boys or boys that wore makeup like we did. Back then we were beat up by the police, by everybody. I didn’t really come out as a drag queen until the late 60s.” He did not identify with the word transgender…“People now want to call me a lesbian because I’m with Julia [his mtf partner], and I say, “No. I’m just me. I’m not a lesbian.” I’m tired of being labeled. I don’t even like the label transgender. I’m tired of living with labels. I just want to be who I am.”

Lastly, Marsha Johnson has alleged that Sylvia Rivera lied about being at the Stonewall riots, Rivera might not have been there at all. This is backed up by Stonewall historian David Carter who says that Rivera’s claim to have been at the riot was a “fabrication” and that Rivera’s various tellings of the story were riddled with inconsistencies. The true story, backed up by Marsha’s roommate Randy Wicker and gay activist Doric Wilson, is that Rivera had fallen asleep in a public park after taking heroin and he only learned about the riots after Marsha Johnson found him, woke him up, and recounted the events. According to Carter, no credible witness has ever been found who saw Rivera at Stonewall during the riots.

Marsha P Johnson documentary

Silvia Rivera documentary

There’s this whole wonderful “progressive” movement that tells parents “don’t worry, your gender non conforming child isn’t an icky gay! They’re just the opposite sex!”

And isn’t it super neat that this very progressive movement lines up very neatly with conservative thought, that being gay is wrong, and bad, and unnatural? Now you can hate us, condemn gays and lesbians, and still get to claim a sweet and trendy progressive label!
Creo que siempre he sido bisexual. Quiero decir, es algo en lo que siempre he estado interesado. Pienso que todo el mundo nace siendo bisexual y es algo que nuestros padres y la sociedad nos meten a la cabeza que es malo. Dicen que es tabú. Yo creo que es algo muy bonito.
—  Notas de un ex
Okay, people, listen up...

Lesbians are homosexuals. We are members of the female sex exclusively attracted to other members of the female sex. We are NOT attracted to performance of femininity or some intangible inner sense of womanhood. We are not attracted to the male sex. We are not attracted to male biology.

If you are a biological male who is attracted to biological females, you are not a lesbian. If you are a biological female are in a relationship with a biological male and find them physically and sexually attractive, you are not a lesbian. Calling yourself a lesbian or any lesbian specific terms (butch/femme) is appropriative and contributes to lesbian erasure.

This is not some deliberate attempt to hurt males. This is the nature of homosexuality. Trying to coerce lesbians to fundamentally change our sexuality to be more ‘inclusive’ to males is outright homophobia, lesphobia, and contributes to rape culture.

If you care about lesbians - really care, not just paying lip service to it for the sake of proving how ‘progressive’ you are - then please, stop perpetuating this myth that lesbianism is anything other that biological female + biological female.

Did you know Google Translate suggests the words “faggot”, “fairy”, and “poof” as direct meanings of the words “gay” and “homosexual”?! Check out this translation.

Google already has the technology to filter out hateful language - typing “female” doesn’t throw up sexist words - and 500 million people use Google Translate every month. That’s a lot of people being taught these insults.

Add your name to sign and tell Google to remove this anti-gay language!