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Huffington Post’s definition of queer, just in case you thought it still meant anything (source).

Queer includes all us queer folks across the spectrum of sexuality, gender, physical ability, presentation, and anatomical gloriousness. But it isn’t only us. Because truth is, in the current political climate, if you aren’t a straight, white, patriarchy-loving religious zealot, you’re queer too.

Identifying as bisexual before realizing you’re actually a lesbian?

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Identifying as a lesbian before realizing you’re actually bisexual?

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Deciding not to use any label while you figure yourself out, and just sticking with “I like girls/women?”

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Wherever your journey of figuring out your sexuality takes you, you’re doing great and we’re here for you!

💖  Lesbians who’ve known they were gay since they were a toddler are perfect and loved.

💖  Lesbians who discovered they were gay accidentally when dared to kiss a girl in high school are perfect and loved.

💖  Lesbians who waited to admit they were gay until college where they could explore themselves away from family are perfect and loved. 

💖  Lesbians who didn’t know, or didn’t admit, they were gay until later in life are perfect and loved.

💖  Lesbians are perfect and loved.

Why I’m iffy With Bi Women

I saw some Discourse™ about this topic in some radfem circles, so I decided to add my two cents.

Its pretty obvious that bi women are privileged over lesbians. Bi women only face homophobia if they are openly bi (ex: wearing bi pride buttons, shirts, being known to date both men and women) or if they are seen being romantic or sexual with another woman, this can come through fetishization or violence, and is linked in misogyny, and at times, when they’re not doing it themselves, erasure. But they are favored higher than lesbians because they could still end up with a man, and often end up with them.

But, I have noticed some really unsettling patterns among bi women.

For instance, they are rabid dick worshipers and almost always see men as more serious partners than women.

My aunt, is self identified bi, but refuses to date women or to be faithful to one, because its “not a real relationship, and heterosexuality is more natural”.

I was cheated on by my bi ex girlfriend. We were the golden couple, we talked about marriage and a family, but she crawled back to dick, as does my other bi ex girlfriend (we weren’t as serious).

My mother, who is a closeted and self hating bisexual, worships her pedophile boyfriend and chose him over me.

I was raped by a bi woman as a child.

And lets not forget the trans cult and the cotton ceiling.

Bi women almost always prioritize, worship and cater to men, and, more often than not, erase their own sexuality.

As such, I have trouble trusting bisexual women.

And I won’t apologize for it, and neither should any other lesbian. Even though they are our sisters, bi women, more often than not, will throw lesbians under the bus in order to cater to males, or attack lesbians for their right to say no, or for being lesbians.

And there’s my two cents,

the very idea that an identity will crumble to dust if it is ‘invalidated’ i think reveals the constructed nature of that particular identity. for instance, i don’t need anybody to validate my identity as a gay man because i AM a gay man. by my very nature i’m sexually inclined toward men and if tomorrow i were to forget everything i know i would still be sexually attracted to the male sex and my brain and body would respond in that way. it is the simple, brute reality of my existence and whether or not that is confirmed by those around me does not negate the inescapable reality of it all. i don’t have to worry about my 'identity’ being valid because its reality is not contingent on how/what i or others feel/believe about it.

i dont understand all the fuckin sexuality discourse these days. I’m a homosexual. i am only attracted to females. my sexuality is not something i can choose or influence.

if i meet a male, i am not attracted to him. why would this change if it’s then revealed that she’s a trans woman? I’m not attracted to the word woman. I’m not attracted to the labels people call themselves voluntarily, because that makes literally no sense.

if you have the capacity to be attracted to both males and females no matter what they call themselves, then you’re bisexual. language and identity do not factor into this because it’s nonsensical to claim that they do.

I do not want to have you to fill the empty parts of me. I want to be full on my own. I want to be so complete I could light a whole city and then I want to have you cause the two of us combined could set it on fire.
—  Rupi Kaur

if you are gay i want to see you on the front lines of every Black Lives Matter march. it wasn’t so long ago that we were the face of police brutality, that police were raiding our bars and profiling us in the streets and arresting us for no reason, so I don’t want to hear a single gay or lesbian or bisexual talking about how they’re too busy or some shit when we would have given anything at that time to have allies (and when we did it was because white people were the face of our movement). i don’t want to hear it. turn. the fuck. out. for your black brothers and sisters