Happy Things

1. Chinese Food (having it for dinner right now)
2. Kdrama (watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon currently)
3. December (it is truly the most wonderful time of the year)
4. Sundays (Never thought Sundays would come to be my favourite of the week)
5. Endings (can’t wait for my internship to end so I can go back to having time to be a college student!)

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‘Because This Is My First Life’ - A Review

This K-Drama was the clear winner of fall 2017 dramas (at least by all of the tumblr peeps I follow) so here’s my review of the show that stole everyone’s hearts.

About This Drama:
‘Because This is My First Life’ follows the unique relationship between a house-poor, emotionally closed off man and a female tenant. This drama is a slice-of-life romance that explores what it’s like to work, live, date and marry with today’s societal and economic pressures. 

Spoilers ahead!

The Good Stuff:

FEMINISM, FEMINISM, FEMINISM: Unlike the majority of K-dramas, there are so many strong female characters in this drama. As I watched, I became more and more impressed with the writers ability to dig deep into the female characters and explore all of the feminist topics that are normally passed over AND allow them to have supportive and mature relationships with EACH OTHER!

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  • Soo Ji: She is everything I’ve ever wanted in a female kdrama character!!! She’s powerful and a leader. She is sensitive AND strong. Her character tackles what it’s like to work in a male dominated field and the pressures that come along with having to deal with verbal and physical sexual harassment in work and dating. I felt everything and could relate to it ALL.
  • Nam Se Hee is a feminist ally: He always respects Ji Ho’s feelings and asks for CONSENT for skin ship and decisions. I think this is the first show to ever have a character like him? I will point out though (cause I saw a ton of people DYING to date his character) that as someone who is married to a person who acts almost the same as Nam Se Hee, it’s actually fairly unromantic in some ways when you’re always stating and asking what you’re about to do relationship/contract wise ;-) I mean it’s awesome - I’ve been married for 15 years - but it’s also very um…straightforward and predictable if that makes any sense? I do think females SHOULD want this kind of equality in a relationship though so…
  • Portrayal of sexual harassment: Ji Ho is almost raped and her bosses try to get her to forgive her coworker over tea. This might seem far fetched but from experience i can tell you that many of us ladies have been told to just let stuff like that go and to “not cause trouble.” Ji Ho stands up for herself, quits her job and shows them all! Same with Si Joo’s office harassment. She gets her revenge and I LOVE watching it!
  • Supportive female friendships: I love a BFF trio and Ji Ho, Soo Ji and Ho Rang were particularly special because all three had completely different life goals and personalities and yet, their friendship always came first. Nam Se Hee’s wife was AMAZING. Everyone knows Ji Ho is Bi for her right? 

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THE KITTY: This cat SLAYS! She’s super adorable with tons of floofs and even when she’s in the background she’s doing funny awesome stuff.

The Bad(ish) Stuff:

Just to be clear, the “bad” stuff I’m listing is just a few things that I feel is up for debate and not necessarily bad.

Ji Ho leaving Nam Se Hee toward the end: I’m not saying she shouldn’t have left, but the show makes it seem like she’s leaving, just so that Se Hee can realize he needs to show her some emotional range so they can be together. It felt a little contrived, especially since she doesn’t really explain herself and takes off without any contact (though I LOVED their emotional conversation in bed (I was dying!) afterwards so maybe it was worth it??

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Soo Ji finding her passion but not all of the way: I loved that Soo Ji hated wearing bras and ended up coming up with her own business model around that so she could leave her job and all of the stupid men she worked with. I do wish the show had allowed to her to actually see some success that we could enjoy, like her getting her first office or hiring employees or something. I wanted her to succeed ALL of the way, beyond just her romance story-line.

Ho Rang and Won Seok: Honestly, I don’t have a problem that these two ended up together but SO many other people did so I’m listing it. They didn’t have the same vision or values but loved each other hard, and had a rough time staying together. In the end, Ho Rang gave up her “managing a home” dream in order for Won Seok and her to stay together but I’m ok with that. Why? Because life isn’t super clean and not every couple is the perfect match. It did seem a little like tying up loose ends by putting them back together but I’m cool with it.

Slow tone of show: I actually LOVE slower paced, quieter slice-of-life shows (see my review for The Package) but some of you might not. If you like tropes, villains, heirs and messy rich people problems the best (I like these too!), you might not be into this show. I 100% was, but I’m just saying.

In conclusion: This show was almost perfect and a total delight. If you like slice of life romances with non traditional characters, this one is for you. AND if it doesn’t sound like it’s for you, you should STILL watch it!

- Shana


The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World opening credits


Jung Mal Ran. Don’t rush me. The time’s getting near to tell you that I’m… Jang Eun Cheon. Just wait.. a little longer.


Actor Lee Joon Gi from Hongstardive

1: “  매력적인 보이스
나 재식이 오징어된 날 ㅋ “

2: “  삶의 현장
살다살다보니 ㅋ
이준기님을 체험다이빙 시켜드리고
운동신경 最高 👍 만나서 반가웠어요 👍
담에는 펀다이빙으로 만나요 👌
근데 ㅋ 사진을 어떻게 드려야할지 ㅋ “