Inspirits-Only Network Applications Are Once Again Open!


Hello all! We have been absolutely overwhelmed with how much everyone has enjoyed the network so far and how many people are interested in being members. Now that things are settled in a little more and we are getting used to running the blog, we decided to reopen applications for the weekend. 

Applications will be open from Friday 21st October until Sunday 23rd October only. 

If you are interested, please take a look at the rules below:


  • we would like it if your blog is 80% INFINITE or more - it’s okay to be multifandom, but please only apply if you post a lot of INFINITE regularly
  • please follow inspirits-only so you can be up-to-date with the network members’ content
  • please reblog this post!
  • please make sure your blog is active! we don’t necessarily mean hundreds of posts a day, but at least some weekly posts ~
  • sideblogs are accepted, just please tell us which url you will be following us on
  • if you create original content - whether it’s gifs, fanart, edits, whatever you wanna make - please tag it with #inspiritsonly within the first 5 tags so that we can reblog it. we will be tracking this tag
  • you don’t have to create original content to be a member! you can just join for more INFINITE on your dash and to make some new friends! however, you do need to be a member to have your content reblogged
  • you don’t have to follow the admins, but it would be awesome if you did! (we’re all very friendly, i swear!)

For a full list of blog rules (including what content we accept) please check our rules page on the blog. 


Please fill in our application form here. You will be sent a message from one of the admins when your application has been processed and accepted, and you will be added to our members page!

We look forward to accepting new members into our inspirit family! 

- the inspirits-only admin team