EVEN IF there is any part of tonight’s awards that is in reaction to last year’s outrage over #oscarssowhite like fucking GOOD. fucking GOOD JOB on everyone expressing their dissatisfaction in a way that amplified the voices and talents and contributions of poc and ultimately led to some really fantastic films being made and seen and celebrated this way

on weekly idol hongseok did the handstand from seating postion thing btob minhyuk always does

and mcs reaction was basically ‘minhyuk what are you going to show now??’

and just now minhyuk actually replied to mbc tweet

‘i will yield the palm of the sports-dol idol title to hongseokie ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ’

and pentagon official twitter replied to that

‘from sports-dol legendary legend god minhyuk..🙏

I feel as though people expect the HP characters to all be 100% good or bad, and forget that the reason we fall in love with characters isn’t because of their perfect moral compass, it’s because of their believability. Real people have flaws: so do realistic characters. Snape, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Hermione… It’s okay to dislike a character for their faults, but that doesn’t mean they should’ve been written a different way. The books would be boring otherwise.

I have fought people in real life who tried to call Snape one of Harry’s father figures. I won. It is so upsetting when people say that. I don’t care if Snape was saving Harry’s life. If you don’t get that being a father figure means more than keeping a kid alive you shouldn’t be a parent. Harry only had one other relationship with an adult he was regularly around that was more abusive than his one with Snape, and that’s with Vernon Dursley. It’s chilling to consider them father figures to him.