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Big Bang reactions when their gf has the same humor sense as Bianca del Rio

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Heyy… So I just watched 20 minutes of Bianca del Rio and she/he(?) is so funny I can not even. Her jokes are the best and I am still laughing ( I could never be Kardashian because I have talent) ahahhahahah I laughed at that so much (btw I like Kardashians)&( Oh that’s part of the costume?… Security….)&(come on, every joke’s not a winner, just like detox) ahhahahahhahahI’m rlly sorry if I missed the point of his humor….

He liked your sense of humor, but sometimes it was even too much for him. He tried to stop you from making offensive jokes around those people who he knew would take them serious, but you did it anyways so he had to explain you are famous for that. He tried to come to every gig you had and he laughed the most out of all of them. It was annoying for him at first but he got used to it and now he can’t stop hearing your jokes.
“Wild and sassy, that was my name in prison.”(you)
“You better stop YOU. What if one day I start making jokes like that huh?”

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You met at the party he was at and he thought your humor was the best and then you started dating. He still loved your jokes and you still had same humor. He was sometimes embarrassed when you made unnecessary jokes in front of important people, but the other members and other YG groups loved you and you basically got to hang with all of the YG groups. You even made a song with iKON and GD was really proud of you for doing so well.
"We’re Drag Queens in a competition! The only thing worse is F*cking prison!” (you say that to Yang HyunSuk in front of GD)
“I’m sorry, she can’t help herself…*facepalms*”

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He laughed at your jokes, ever since he found you on youtube. He kept watching your best moments and went to a lot of your gigs and even hired you once. Then he tried flirting with you and you loved how he tried and went on a date with him. And he started using your jokes. Then you were dating for 2 years. He still laughed at every fucking joke. He really loved you, not only because of your humor tho.
“I am clown realness”(you)
“Indeed you are, but you are mine clown realness”

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It was actually you who fell for him because he was so sweet while making jokes, but you were just rude (in a funny way).You were friends at first but then started dating. You gave him your sarcastic answers almost every day. He knew you won’t stop making jokes even tho sometimes you were too much to handle. He liked introducing you to others and he loved when you came in the studio and made everyone laugh when they were stressed.
“Look I actually made a friend today. Me. Friend.”
“AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH… STOP IT OMG NO STOP…… *can not stop laughing hard af&the gif*”

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He met you at a business party and he couldn’t stop talking to you. You loved his personality and he liked yours too and that was enough for you to start dating. He loved it if you asked him to go on a stage with him and sometimes he asked you to come at his concert and entertain VIPs(the fans of course). He loved it when you joked with other members and he would laugh hard af.
“Calm down, Beyonce” (you)
“Did you just call me Beyonce? Thank you… *dies from laughing*”

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our dearly treasured choi seunghyun,
we, your vips, will wait for you. just know we love and adore you and that we’re keeping you in our thoughts & prayers. please don’t worry about us too much and return to us safely. we miss you already. counting down til dec 2018.

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Can you do a little guide of 1st gen, 2nd gen, and 3rd gen Kpop girl groups if you know the difference? I thought wonder girls was 1st gen. Thank you!!!!

1st gen are the earliest kpop idols. Most aren’t known by current kpop stans but they are very respected as they are the pioneers. They set the foundation and paved the path for future idols. Back then, there weren’t NEARLY as many debuts as now.

1st gen (90’s - 2000): fin.kl, god, hot, ses, shinwha, koyote, 4men, turbo, seo taiji and the boys, baby vox, etc

2nd gen is given credit for making kpop more international and are considered the leaders of Hallyu. Because the 2nd gen was very impactful in its 10 years, it’s easier to categorize it by the early and late debuts, since it feels strange to most people to see names together such as miss a and boa as if they debuted near each other.

Early 2nd gen (2001 - 2008): rain, boa, txvq, epik high, super junior, big bang, snsd, shinee, kara, 2pm, wonder girls, brown eyed girls, iu, etc

Late 2nd gen (2009 - 2011): 2ne1, block b, infinite, beast, f(x), apink, sistar, miss a, after school, mblaq, teen top, nine muses, girls day, etc

3rd gen is the current crop of idols. This is the generation with the most debuts per year of all time. The market is now over saturated which makes it harder for the current idols to have the same achievements as the previous generation. They look up to 2nd gen idols for their major accomplishments and 1st gen idols for their longevity. These are the groups that most new kpop fans know/stan. Some of these may seem like they belong to the 2nd gen bc of their age and lack of connections to the newer debuts, but they are actually just early debuts of the 3rd gen.

3rd gen (2012 - now): exo, bts, red velvet, twice, gfriend, seventeen, got7, Lee hi, mamamoo, vixx, bap, nu'est, ailee, ladies’ code, crayon pop, lovelyz, exid, monsta x, astro, nct, ikon, day 6, clc, pentagon, etc