Urgent: Homeless trans woman couple need housing/shelter - Miami Beach/Dade county area, FLA

“ My name is Kitty and my wife Amma and I are both homeless trans women in need of a place to stay or even just a hot shower or a place to store our bags. Anything helps. I prefer to not be around hard drugs, please. We do not use drugs ourselves. We are polyamorous and open to welcoming more partners into our family. 

I am able to pay some rent money and we have food stamps. I am also a tattoo artist, house painter, and do some handy work, I am willing to exchange labour for a place to stay. We are very clean and will clean your house for you if desired. My number is (786)285-8054 (text preferred), email katqrazy1@gmail.com”

Also please consider donating to our homelessness fundraiser   

Thank you!

You May Not Understand Trans People, but We Too Deserve Privacy, Fairness, and Liberty
For those of us in prison, the fight for trans justice at the ballot, in state legislatures, and in our public discourse can feel far away. As trans prisoners, sometimes we have to focus on just getting through the day. But these important fights to recognize and affirm the dignity of trans people impact us too.

Despite the recent successes for gay and lesbian rights 2016 promises to be one of the most difficult years that the LGBT community as a whole has ever faced. Groups opposing equality are mobilizing. Exploiting the deep-seated confusion about who trans people are and the animosity towards us, these opponents have developed a simple, scalable, and easily replicated strategy.

They wish to capitalize on the anger of opponents of LGBT rights who feel defeated following last year’s Supreme Court ruling making marriage equality the law across the country. The model from which to push their agenda could be seen in full display in the effort that defeated a nondiscrimination ordinance in Houston, Texas.



Here’s a quick look at the latest product from Ways2Raise, our Queer Stickersheet! This sheet features 6 die cut stickers designed by our in house artists Rory and Ken to help decorate your life as queerly as you please!

The top three, in pastel primary colors, are a vintage button style design. The middle is designed to celebrate reclaiming a word once used against us and our community. The bottom right is a more subtle design to show your pride. And the bottom left, of course, is our very own logo.

Be on the lookout for when these drop this coming week! 

-W2R Team