Hey everyone in the LGBT community, lets make august 1st 2015 the first official LGBT Tumblr selfie day!!!! Take a selfie and post it on Tumblr and tag what part of the LGBT community you are a part of and #LGBT TUMBLR DAY!!!! Lets show the world who we are and our pride as a member of the LGBT community!!!! Keep spreading this around so we can get as many of our friends to help show pride.

what is DD-lg?? ♥

The first point i’d like to make is: Daddy Doms and their little girls are NOT sick and twisted perverts driven by deep seated incestuous or paedophilic desires. DD-lg kink is not driven by incest, issues, abuse or neglect from childhood.

Littles are simply adult women with a childlike personality who appreciate an emotionally mature partner to protect, comfort and love them. Littles in a DD-lg relationship are not interested in incest!

Daddy Doms are Dominants who simply assume a much more nurturing and caring role than Dominants in other types of D-s relationships. Little girls are submissive women who have a naturally childlike personality that is especially dominant in them when they are around a Daddy Dom who makes them feel safe and cherished.

Daddy Doms do get a great deal of pleasure from their littles both sexually and otherwise. Being a Daddy Dom is simply a part of someone’s personality, he likes being a dominant but they like doing to in a more affectionate and nurturing capacity than is the accepted norm for D-s lifestyle relationships. Daddy Doms often enjoy and find both the little and adult sides of their submissives attractive and can appreciate them both. littles appeal to them because they cater to their desires to nurture, protect and love as well as him enjoying and being amused by the natural, child-like little girl personality in a beautiful adult woman’s body.

Daddy Doms love their littles unconditionally. They cherish the woman as well as their inner little and revel in their childlike personality, their innocence and their appreciation of the simple things like cuddles and cartoons on a weekend morning, milkshakes instead of coffee and the way they turn to him for reassurance. He protects her, guides her when she is unsure or loses her way, he helps her reach her goals and is proud of her when she does.

Daddy Doms with a sadistic streak may love to cause her physical pain, the type she enjoys and craves, but he hates and does everything he can not to hurt her emotionally. He will punish her for transgression, whether he enjoys it or not, and will praise her for a job well done. It takes a great deal of discipline and strength from a Daddy Dom to do what he needs to do: dominate, care for, guide, punish, praise, comfort, understand and love his little. He draws on his own life experiences to guide her and keep her safe all the while accepting her as his, all parts of her; adult and little.

She feels safest in her Daddy Dom’s arms and around him she is free to be herself, a quickly mix of adult and little girl and she is free to pursue her ‘little’ interests. She may be needy and whiny at times, she may have irrational fears. She will most likely pout and sulk sometimes but she will also light up with an innocent child-like enthusiasm for things she enjoys and, of course, for her Daddy Dom. She is submissive by nature, seeing the guidance, domination and nurturing love of a Daddy Dom who will love, protect and comfort her when the world becomes too much to handle. She respects him, submits to his will and trusts him completely to keep her safe and love her unconditionally.. As requested via private message.. x.

How Do I Know When to Come Out?

Even if you are comfortable announcing your sexual orientation or gender identity, deciding when and how to come out can be tough. The most important thing to do is to make sure that you will be safe. Knowing that you have someone to support you can also make a huge difference in your experience.

When and how to come out is a big concern for LGBT teens. Though TV shows and movies may make it seem as if people come out in one big dramatic announcement, maybe made over the school’s PA system, Tweeted about, or posted on Facebook, or Instagram, for most people coming out is more of a process.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to tell people individually or in a group?
  • Who do you want to tell; close friends, someone who you know is LGBT, family, a counselor? Have you thought about the risks or benefits to each?
  • Do you have support and is there one person who you are confident will react positively when you come out?
  • Are you prepared to deal with a possible negative reaction? Do you know who to turn to if this happens?
  • Have you considered what you will do if your parents stop supporting you financially after you come out?
  • Do you want to come out when there is a specific reason,like you are dating someone or want to go to gay pride?
  • Do you want to come out before you have a specific reason, so that no one will be surprised that you want to go to the gay prom or hang out at the GLBT Community Center?

Here are a few tips:

  • Pick a time when you, or the person you are coming out to, won’t be distracted or tired.
  • Don’t come out in the middle of a fight, or an already tense conversation.
  • Some teens find that having a conversation in a public place is a good idea because people are more likely to keep their emotions in check publicly.
  • If you are concerned about your parents’ reaction, consider coming out to a supportive relative, or other adult, first. Ask that person if he or she would be there when you come out to mom and dad.

The End Result

Though you probably have an idea of how people in your life will react, there are no guarantees. So the more you think about how you will come out, the better prepared you can be.

Don’t ever feel pressured to come out before you are ready. The most important thing is to make sure that you will be safe and supported.

Good luck!

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Here’s to the witches...

The Satanist Witches.  Who are constantly thrown under the bus by witches who don’t want to associate with you because they want people to know they’re not “evil”.

The Atheist/Secular Witches.  Who have trouble finding spells suited to their beliefs because most other witches insist on calling on gods or goddesses. 

The Abrahamic Witches.  Who are constantly told their paths aren’t valid by people of their religion and witches alike.

The Trans/non-binary Witches.  Who have a hard time finding representation in religion and the craft.  Who are excluded from covens solely due to how they were born

To Non-Wiccan Witches.  Who constantly need to remind people that witch is not synonymous with Wicca.  

Y’all are wonderful.  Keep being awesome witches!

Pros of dating an ace:

1. You’ll never have to worry that we’re “just in it for the sex.”
2. We’re fucking adorable.
3. I mean really, nobody is more adorable than us.
4. We’re so lovable.
5. We’ll love you even if you aren’t “sexy.”
7. When you talk to your friends about us, you can say “Yeah, my bf/gf is a total ace,” and people will think that you’re dating someone absolutely flawless (well I mean they wouldn’t be wrong).
8. Did I mention how adorable we are?
9. We won’t judge you based on your body. At all.
10. Nobody is better than an ace.