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[ For those living under a rock, the postal vote came back and Australia voted YES to changing marriage laws in Australia to include gay and lesbian couples.
It’s non-binding and a big waste of money, and we’re still behind America, but I’ll enjoy today’s victory.

Big shout out to all my lesbian sisters.
Don’t get too drunk tonight! ]

Daddy Looking for a little

Name: Tom
Age: 21
Location: Australia (but open to long distance)
What you are looking for: LG/Pet/Slave
About yourself: I’m a pretty chill guy but can be stern when needed, I like to talk a bit and learn everything about someone. I like to make new friends and hang out with them as well!
Likes: I love to write, play games, talk on skype.
Dislikes: People with no sense of humor, and people who don’t put an effort into themselves
Sexual/non-sexual: Sexual please.
Contact: KIK - TDdaddyT (Would be really nice if you sent a photo of yourself with a few questions for me and a bit about you but defiantly not a requirement I would like everyone to message me!) 


Name: Sally

I’m new at being a little

I don’t like rude people and loud noise
I love ice cream and deep conversations
Sexual/non sexual: depends on you tbh
I’m Australian
Tattoos are cool (wish I hade one)
I’m an artist and a writer
If your interested please message me on kik at: funnybunny8519