Last Goodbye

Gab sighed as he placed the last of his suitcases in the car’s trunk, closing it as silently as he could. It was 3:30 in the morning and it was still dark outside. He approached his lola and hugged her, not minding the pain on his bruised up face. “Kailangan mo ba talagang umalis, apo? Pwede niyo pa naman ‘to pag-usapan,” his lola said tearily as they pulled back. “Kailangan ko rin ng konting panahon ‘la. Pero alam ko na mas kailangan yun ni Chin. Mag-ingat po kayo ha?” They exchanged a few more goodbyes before he hopped in the car and drove off to the airport to catch his 7 AM flight back to Manila.


Daddy will you come play with your Babygirl….please?
I love it when Daddy get home….I think about him as I play with myself. 

I found myself thinking about him all day and getting wet each time. It keeps me from missing him when he is away.


At long last I bring you the default replacement cellphones for sims 2! This is unlike any of my previous phones because I have made both the screen and body recolorable this means that you can mix and match your phone screens and any upcoming phone cases without having too many files. This gives you the ultimate customization with the in game phones.

As this content is a default replacement it replaces the game’s original cellphone. You need the 'OSS iPhone MESH' file for the object to show up then you can have an endless amount of recolors. 

How to use:
I recommend having a ‘Defaults’ folder to keep your default replacements organised however if you don’t it is important to keep the mesh and it’s recolors in one folder that you can find easily. If you have any other default replacements for the cellphone or any of my previous phones remove those files before you put this into your downloads folder. Don’t mix these files with normal objects and recolors. Nothing bad will happen but once you decide to remove this modded object from your game keeping it in one folder keeps things a lot easier and organised. The object functions as normal and it has been modded so that children can use the cellphone. It costs 1,000 simoleons and should be compatible with all phone mods.

Included: Apple iPhones, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Google, Blackberry + LG

Updates + Fixes: the icon is no longer black!



File Size: 39.5mb + already compressed
Credits: Bino Maus, IgnorantBliss, CEP, EA | Previews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 +