Sometimes I find it rather sad that I don’t fit into the stereotypical little. (Small, petite) I cannot wear the cute little stockings. I cannot squeeze my chub into your cute little garter belts. I cannot wear cute bras with those frilly laces that makes everything seem cute and right. I cannot wear cute clothes because they do not come in a size XXL. My pituitary and my thyroid glands don’t work properly and as hard as I try to lose weight (which believe me I’ve tried almost everything and will continue trying for my health) I can’t. I am 207 lbs as of tonight.

But that does NOT mean I am not little. My weight is not a definition of my mental state. My daddy loves and supports me. The people I surround myself with do not care about my weight. THERE IS NOTHING THAT SHOULD STOP YOU FROM BEING WHO YOU ARE. So if you’re a bit overweight, like myself, it’s okay! Love yourself. This is the only life you got. And you spend it being happy with yourself.

You are little, and you are beautiful.

  • Me:*points to daddy's lap before stepping away for a second* if anyone asks, this seat is taken
  • Daddy:okay kitten *holds up pinkie* I solemnly swear this seat is taken
  • Me:*wraps pinkie around his and whispers quietly in his ear in a threatening way* I will break this pinkie if you let someone steal it *kisses cheek and bounds away*