I want us all to make a short film all about “The In-Between Moments" - you know, those beautiful little moments in our day that happen in-between all the important stuff. This is gonna be the first short film to come out of hitRECord’s new partnership with LG.

Anybody can participate in this short film and everything you’ll need to contribute is HERE.

For this short film, there will be three elements — music, cinematography and writing — and I’m really excited to announce that LG is going to support this short film by sending out 50 smartphones to help us capture these in-between moments. These LG smartphones will be sent out to contributors of this project whose audio and video is most resonating with our Resident Curators on hitRECord.

However, everyone can work on this project since we’ll be making two version of this short film - one where the audio and video is captured exclusively on LG smartphones, and the other where everybody can participate. And anyone whose work is used in either version will get paid.

The deadline for all of these contributions is Sunday, September 6th.

I think this is gonna come out really differently than anything we’ve ever made before, and I’m excited to see what we make together.

I wanna thank LG, and I wanna thank you too, of course.

Thanks again <3


Underaged Littles

I’m confused. What’s all the hype for? Anyone can be a little. Period. The DD/LG community claims to be super open to anyone who identifies as a little.. But for some reason, it’s okay to mistreat underaged littles? I’ve seen bloggers attacked for being underaged when there is 0 NSFW on their page. What’s the deal friendos? Unless you’re their parent (in a literal term) you have no right to try to govern what they do with their blog. Sad truth is that NSFW content is everywhere and postable and viewable by EVERYONE. A little is a little no matter the age. If you claim to be a blog that’s open to every little, but attack the underaged ones, you need to check yourself.