Why do people have to be so salty?

I mean come on, be decent. If you don’t like something then leave it be, don’t involve it into your day. Don’t smash it, don’t ridicule it, especially if you don’t understand it.

Avidly looking for something to give hate on is such an immature thing to do. Looking up tags that will take you directly to stuff you hate - that’s not even logical!

I’m sure there’s stuff I don’t like that you do, but really, I don’t care. I don’t care to know. I don’t get in your business and judge it. So don’t get in mine.

A woman aged 30, who has been the most famous person in the world at one point has almost every possible recognition for being an outstanding musician, jumping in the air with all her might, will no care in the world, wearing a t-shirt, shorts and boots combo, in the middle of nowhere, holding onto her mic like everything depend on it.

This is music. This is freedom. This is life.