when ‘Hey Girl’ comes on

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shoutout to flamboyant sassy gay men who wont take shit from ur homophobic ass and drag you to the moon and back, shoutout to unapologetic butch lesbians stomping you in the fucking ground if u come at them with ur lesbophobia, shoutout to shy feminine gay males who are scared to call someone out on their homophobia and are still too scared to wear dresses or makeup in public or hold their boyfriends hand, shoutout to insecure anxious lesbians who would rather shop in the boys section and wear doc martens than pumps and skirts but dont have the courage to do it yet and fear flirting with girls bc they would be labeled predatory,
shoutout to all of you who are still teens especially, ily and your existence itself is powerful and something to be proud of.

A woman aged 30, who has been the most famous person in the world at one point has almost every possible recognition for being an outstanding musician, jumping in the air with all her might, will no care in the world, wearing a t-shirt, shorts and boots combo, in the middle of nowhere, holding onto her mic like everything depend on it.

This is music. This is freedom. This is life.

Does anyone want to just take a day off with me and be little together?? Build a fort, do some colouring, take a nap, have cute finger foods for lunch, drink juice or milk from sippy cups, play on the park and feed the ducks, watch disney films in the fort and put in our pacis for some quiet time .. x.