i’ve been going to menagerie (a rlly good LFS in toronto) to check on their livestocks all month and every time i came in there was always a couple cups of female bettas and ruby was there every time i went in, even when the other females were bought, and when i went in today i was so sad??? she was the only female betta left and NO ONE had gotten her,, even tho shes so pretty and so full of personality….. wadda hell…… shes mine now u fucks……….

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What Hogwarts house do you think best fits Sansa?

There was a time when I was determined to see her as a ravenclaw but let’s be honest nobody is really a ravenclaw in fiction except those who actually /are/ lol. (I’m a ravenclaw btw, and I think there’s necessarily a lot of projection in these fanmade sortings, due to the fact that a huge portion of fans are or identify with ravenclaw).

Now I tend to agree with this interpretation of Sansa as a gryffindor/slytherin with gryffindor being her primary sorting. Self preservation, ambition, and a strong notion of class/tendency to see herself as belonging to a specific closed circle are slytherin traits that I tend to associate with how Sansa is before her “awakening” (and to some extent later on, too), while under LF’s mentoring she’s expanding on her cunning and shrewdness. So these are definitely shaping elements in her storyline and personality.

However, at heart, I think Sansa is a gryffindor like the rest of her siblings. She values bravery, she admires it in others (see her love for the heroes in the songs or her worship for Robb’s courage and utter contempt for Joffrey’s cowardice), and when she’s under stress that’s what she tells herself to be—that’s what she tells she is. Not cunning, not resourceful, not clever, not rational-thinking, not compassionate, not just, but  

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    television aesthetics: Lucifer
“Before you fell, you were known as Samael. The Lightbringer. That was a name that connotated your father’s love for you. God didn’t cast you out of Heaven because he was angry with you. God cast you out because He needed you to do the most difficult of jobs. It was a gift. It was an act of love. Because you are his favorite son, Samael. You are his fallen angel.”