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Hey PQ! I was wondering what your thoughts were on Sanaa's vale storyline, especially regarding her chances of successfully seducing and marrying Harry the Heir. Thank you :)

(TWOW spoilers)

Hey back! I have two foundational beliefs regarding Sansa’s arc going forward from which everything else follows. 

One, I think she’s going north from the Vale. Nowhere else. Not with the Mad Mouse to get tied up in Aegon’s plot, not to the Riverlands to deal with Harrenhal and Stoneheart, but north, back home. Her trajectory is Gates of the Moon–>Gulltown–>White Harbor–>Winterfell, eventually. 

Two, she will utterly reject Littlefinger…but not until learning the full depths of his awfulness, because drama. There are to my mind two people she would trust who can communicate this to her: Sandor (who knows LF betrayed Ned) and Jeyne Poole (who Littlefinger sent to a brothel to be tortured as well as exploited). Both of them, I think, could plausibly intersect with Sansa…but not for a while yet. Not until ADOS, in all likelihood. 

These two, taken together, lead me to believe that Sansa will remain in Littlefinger’s camp throughout TWOW, and that his scheme as outlined at the end of AFFC will work, at least to a certain extent. We’ve already seen one Sansa TWOW chapter; my guess is that at the climax of the second (which will cover the tourney), Sweetrobin succumbs to the sweetsleep, Littlefinger frames Lyn Corbray, and Ser Shadrich takes the opportunity of the chaos and distraction to try and make off with Sansa.

But he fails, revealing Sansa’s true identity in the process. She rolls with it, using the chivalric imagery of the uncouth hedge knight, the hidden princess, etc. to appeal to the “knights of summer” sentiment among the Vale nobility (especially the younger ones) and win them over even more resoundingly than Littlefinger hoped. 

And then yeah, I think she probably does marry Harry and influence his decision-making as the new Lord of the Vale (or King of the Vale? Or King of North and Vale? And Riverlands? Not sure exactly how this will shake out…) They muster at Gulltown, set sail for the North, and I’d guess they land in White Harbor in her final TWOW chapter, quite possibly to find that the Manderlys have Rickon in hand (thanks to Davos) and intend on crowning him as Robb’s heir. Intrigue ensues…only for the Others to show up. 

It’s in ADOS that I think Sansa completes her political arc by casting down Littlefinger and acting as leader, beacon of hope, source of strength, etc. for her people during the Others’ invasion. She’ll also reunite not only with Sandor and Jeyne, but her siblings. Feels, and such. 

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1: Why does Nydwracu hate the Mountain Goats in that tweetstorm someone linked and 2: Isn't saying "appreciating artwork x is immoral" something gamergate is constantly screaming about and accusing feminists of?

supposedly john darnielle briefly associated with people that nydwracu doesn’t like- nydwracu calls these people the “somethingawful I Fucking Love Genocide twitter crew” [link] but searching “I Fucking Love Genocide” mostly turns up either posts made by nydwracu in reference to this, or random posts on 4chan. so if i were to guess, i’d say that there was no self-described “I Fucking Love Genocide” twitter crew, and that that’s actually just the name he made up for the somethingawful LF commies, because he likes to falsely claim that communists are genocidal.

if john darnielle ever associated with them, i highly doubt he was aware of their politics, and probably just thought their twitter jokes were funny (some former something awful posters became small-time weird twitter bloggers)

and yeah, this is the kind of things which both gamergate, and also the lesswrongers, would absolutely flip their shit over if it came from someone on the left.

oh, and also lesswrong would definitely flip their shit over someone telling people not to associate with someone or consume their art because they briefly associated with people who’s politics they didn’t like, especially without any source providing any evidence that they actually associated with these people.

and it occurs to me now- isn’t this basically a callout post for john darnielle? a particularly shoddy one, with no evidence?

[nydwracu voice]: your fave is problematic, shitlord

🐇"lf I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense…“🎀
Wishing everyone a happy Friday, & for #fbf here’s a shot of one of my favorite shoots, Alice In Wonderland themed! Also tonight I’m finishing up some things for a couple new fashion shoots coming up, cannot wait to show you guys 🍰💕Hat made by me, dress by @devilinspiredofficial

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