Courgetti/zoodles!!! I was given a spiraliser for Christmas and it is absolutely fantastic. I’ve used it four times this week already!

Here I spiralised two courgettes/zucchinis and half a cucumber, added in some chopped red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and spring onion, tossing it all in a dressing of lime and tahini. Oh, and then finished with some chia seeds and smoked paprika.

So delish and a really fun way to eat your greens. :D

Hearty tomato, mushroom and lentil sauce on a bed of courgette spaghetti. :)

The recipe comes from the ohsheglows cookbook (which is srsly amazing, go buy it now, I’ll wait!) and it’s phenomenal. The sauce is so warming, delicious and packed with goodness. There’s a lot of garlic in here and that combined with fresh basil and dried herbs makes it uber fab!

a wonderful fruit haul, after a week of having VERY little fruit(just apples and a few oranges) me and my mum finally could go shopping, we went to the wholesale fruit place and got boxes of everything, this isn’t even all of it! :D here there is a box of apples, a box of bananas, a box of oranges, a box of yummy tomatos, some red bell peppers, 3 pineapples, a bag of cucumbers, a box of strawberries and 3 big heads of lettuce, not in the picture there’s also 3 big bunches of spinach, and a bunch of parsley and a bunch of dill. me is happy