just spent like 5000+ gold because i found out i can convert my garrison into a gnome-run township

and honest to god gnomes need a home SOMEWHERE so im gonna fucking hang up the banners and build the workshops and make it happen and make all the guards gnomes

Neo Gnomeregan is about 2 happen



Design & Photo Direction by Shinya Hanafusa
Photography by Rika Tomomatsu
model by 7A / Momoko Dawn

Photo Location
RR (Shindaita Tokyo) / LFR (Shindaita Tokyo) / Mintei (Shimokitazawa Tokyo)




Woke up this morning to some bad news and a lot of government agency wrasslin’ so have more spec-specific transmog :P  Like my shaman, 2/3 of my paladin’s sets are pretty standard, though the Undead Slaying/teal Judgement stuff is relatively uncommon nowadays because it was from the WotLK pre-event and a lot of people who collected it are no longer playing or deleted it pre-transmog.  It’s also been one of my go-to sets, though I swap out the cloak and weapon every so often to change it up.  The prot set is also pretty standard and I’ve used it off and on this expansion; it’s all offset stuff so can be used by a warrior and (with modification for weapon type and lack of shield) a death knight, since I never ran Highmaul/BRF any higher than LFR on my paladin, so it all came from caches (which is good cos I really like the set but was like noooo I don’t want to have to run these instances more than I already do ;__; lol)

I don’t currently have a holy set nor do I intend to collect one in the next five weeks so I just went for “this is what I’ll use if/when I pick up the holy artifact.”  I’m not sure how many of those pieces are from the same set/offset pieces for that set, though I know the boots are a quest reward.  There’s a fantastic polearm that I want for the set but it’s one of the random drops off any boss in heroic Throne of Thunder, so that’s out for now :P  This mace works well enough, and there may even be an artifact colour to match, I haven’t looked.  The one thing I don’t really like about this set right now is that the chestpiece has a little too much sideboob/bare arm for my taste, and the only shirt I have on my paladin right now is Precious’ Ribbon, which isn’t a valid transmog source.  When they fix that and/or when I decide to go holy and end up buying/making another shirt, I’ll probably use Sawbones, Yellow Lumberjack, Rustic Workman’s, or Trapper’s (troll ver), depending on how I feel about it then.

(I also would have used paladin t4 somewhere since I also really love that set, but I desperately want the pink sword outta mythic Spoils in SoO for that, and have had no luck over the past expansion getting it)


I want to apologize – and I mean really really apologize – to everyone I’ve been a Negative Nancy, Sour Sally, and Bitchy Betty to about WoW. WoD has sucked a bag of dicks and I haven’t been shy about ranting and venting about how much I’ve not enjoyed most of this expansion. 

There’s parts of it I’ve enjoyed, sure. It was awesome going through and leveling. Maybe I’m one of the few here, but leveling through Draenor was a ton of fun! I liked the zones, quests, and bonus objectives. However I’m not a raider or pvper. I stepped into Ashran MAYBE 3, 4 times? I did pleeenty of lfr and generally enjoyed the small scale “raiding” scene through the easy-mode lfr system. But other than that? If it weren’t for roleplay I’d have dropped the game a long time ago. Because other than raiding and pvp it seemed like the only content that was out there was garrison shit. 

^ and before anyone goes off and says there was plenty of other content to do – yes, I’m a pet battler. I’ve done timewalkers a bajillion times. I’ve leveled a thousand alts through different ways. I’m a loremaster. I have pretty much all the legendaries. I’m exalted with probs 90% of the factions. I have mounts and pets and all the transmog stuff I could ever want and more. I’ve made well over a million gold during WoD. I’ve done and taken advantage of most of the things the game has to offer.

I’ve unplugged from WoW a lot these past couple months. And even after the pre-patch I haven’t logged in since Tuesday. I just haven’t been having fun in the game outside of rp and guild rp events. And because of work I haven’t even been able to be a part of those that often. 

At this point it’s simply a matter of having fun. I’m not quitting the game or anything like that. I’ve just been unplugging from it, because really, what am I gonna do when I’m logged in? Afk in my garrison? Walk around and try the walk-up rp scene only to get irritated because people only want to fuck my characters? Pretty much. 

Soooo freggin glad Legion is a month away. So ready for new content. I’ve purposefully avoided Legion spoilers, guides, and forums because I want to explore it as NEW when it’s here, not go in with all the information that’s already available.

Again, to all the folks I’ve been venting to, I’m sorry. I really truly am. I don’t mean to be so negative. Turns out all I needed to do was take a break and unplug from the game for awhile. I’m still here, I’m not going anywhere. I just need to take small breaks here and there to recharge myself.

runebucket  asked:

Re: ToT LFR, when were you thinking of running it, and can a character from WRA join? (I mean mechanically; recent salt aside, I assume you wouldn't rule someone out just because of their server). I'd love to get a chance at the tier belt for my shaman if possible!

Prob monday also I won’t turn you away because of server lmao.