a common speculation i see that i don’t necessarily agree with is that dutch’s behavior wouldn’t have gone completely off the rails if hosea hadn’t died. personally, i think it would have been just as bad, maybe even a little worse – the only improvement i can see is how the others might rally and pick their sides more carefully.

dutch? hosea knew that dutch has been gone since the start. literally, in colter, hosea can have a conversation with arthur where he expresses that he’s trying to keep dutch from getting everyone killed. even that far back, he was sizing up their lot. his arguments with dutch continue into horseshoe outlook and all the way to shady belle, and the thing is? 

he rarely (if ever) actually manages to stop dutch from pulling his schemes. hosea is touted as this heavy counterweight to dutch’s stupidity right up til the end, but as often as he does throw his lot in against dutch, it never actually stops the man from doing whatever the hell he feels like. i don’t doubt that he used to be a stronger influence, but i feel like that changed once micah “echo chamber” bell came along, and we…. never actually got to see a time when he had a better handle on dutch’s impulses.

in fact, it’s pretty easy to see that hosea rapidly switches gears from “heel, dutch” to “ok well screw dutch”. as early as horseshoe outlook he’s consistently putting most of his energy into planting thoughts in the others’ heads: lenny, abigail, john, arthur, he is constantly dropping unsubtle hints left and right that blind loyalty to the gang is no longer a viable philosophy. and that is ballsy, essentially telling people to gtfo of dodge right under dutch’s nose, considering how paranoid the man already is by the time they’re in shady belle. hosea does all of this while still getting into the occasional row with dutch because this man does not give a single shit, and just because he’s accepted dutch as a lost cause doesn’t mean he isn’t going to give him an earful about it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

this is why i think a universe where hosea had survived the bank would have an even messier climax, albeit in perhaps a good way: because he died before the splits in the gang got truly ugly, hosea was never forced to choose sides. and there were going to be sides whether he lived or not; hosea recognized this, or he wouldn’t have spent the entire game trying to prepare the others for it. i have zero doubt in my mind that hosea would have been the first to denounce dutch, and frankly? i’m pretty sure that would have hit dutch a lot damn harder than hosea’s death did. hosea died to dutch as a loyal friend, but if he had lived and chosen a side, he would have been dead to dutch as the ultimate traitor. and we all know how well dutch takes traitors – imagine what it would to do him to see hosea, of all people, truly standing against him.

tbh the whole reason this gets me so tilted is because essentially?? hosea was fucking FRIDGED for dutch’s manpain when i’m 100% sure that things were going to go sideways whether he lived or not. hosea deserved so much better honestly and like…. r* was super not subtle about killing off pretty much everyone who would have sided with arthur, but why

i would have loved to see it. i feel like dutch’s and especially hosea’s character arcs were cheated out of this potential: of their differences finally coming to a head, of hosea making the choice to save his family and dutch not having the excuse of grief pushing him over that edge. 

hosea spent so long trying to prepare his family for the fallout he saw coming. all he wanted was to see people safe before he passed, but he recognized that he may not even have the chance for that, and that the best he could do was teach his boys that it was okay for them to take a stand for themselves. he deserved to see that he succeeded.

Like Father, Like Daughter: Omakes Chapter 11: Grandparents, a star vs. the forces of evil fanfic | FanFiction


For AU day. 

A bit late, wanted to try for the whole week but been very busy.

In my AU Marco came back from Hekapoo trial and they soon discovered he had a daughter with Hekapoo, whose in her teens when they meet. This omake is exploring how Rafael and Angie connect with their granddaughter.

anonymous asked:

Did you ever think that your "Like Father, Like Daughter" story would become so well received as it is now? It's the 2nd most favorite Star vs. Story on Fanfiction. Net and on a personal note I prefer it over what happening in the actual series.

Wait- whose beating me?! How I do I beat them?!

Nah, I’m kidding.

Thank you for your kind words. I didn’t know it was the second most popular one, I knew it was pretty well received but not that much. Thanks. I mean, yeah, I’m grateful for all the reader and all the people that leave me great reviews and all the Beta’s I’ve had that have helped me made this a better story.

I mean, yeah, I had the idea and I thought it was good and yeah I should do it. Like, you can probably find the post I did on this blog about the idea years ago. But I never thought I would ever get so many good responses like I have people making me fanart for it and it’s amazing. Thank you.

And yeah, I tend to try to fix things as I go but yeah it’s amazing to hear that people think I’m doing a better job. Like, wow, like yeah thank you.

Seraph and Her Teacher

Commissioned from: @kyotemeru-arts @makanshoku

Go check out their stuff. They are super talented and you should throw money at them to draw you stuff.

Seraph’s intial design  by @moringmark

Seraph is from my fanfic Like Father Like Daughter . She’s Marco ad Hekapoo’s daughter. A little peek into next years stories. Seraph will start to learn proper magic and will need a teacher…. and let’s face it there are loads of reason why Marco and Hekapoo might not get Glossaryck to do it. 

The other guy is my own character and Seraph Magic Tutor, let’s go with his Title of Curator of Secrets because he likes to collect objects as shown. In the next season of LFLD he will show up. But he has shown up in other side stories like vs infinity  and Seraph getting him to build the marcapoo base.