Well I’m all moved into my first grown up apartment! Its missing a few big pieces of furniture (couch, table, desk chair, etc) and internet, but its home already! Im so excited to get the chance to live on my own (mostly-Matt) and feel like more of an adult by paying my own bills with my own money! Once I get my cat and furniture in the next two weeks- I will be ready to start my life in this beautiful place


In celebration of her newest music video, La Guerre (Katlyn Conroy) conjured up a few playlists chalk full of inspiration for her latest release, Sapphires (1/20/2015). Here is Part 2 of the playlist. Be sure to check out her music video for Mystery Of My Bed and head out to Lawrence Field Day Fest to catch La Guerre playing alongside The Noise FM and Westerners!

Edith Piaf- L'Hymne A L'Amoure
I love the orchestra and choir in this song!
Page France- Chariot
I could never figure out if Page France was actually a religious band or not, but either way, they gave me chills. This song is so…happy! And it’s weird for me to like such a cheery song…
Simon & Garfunkel- The Only Living Boy in New York
This song proves that short songs can be incredibly fulfilling. As someone who writes super short songs, it always gave me hope.
Bright Eyes- Hit the Switch
I had to put Conor on here somewhere, because he is my most influential musician, and this just happens to be one of my favorite songs.
Grandaddy- The Final Push to the Sum
Who doesn’t love a good waltz.
Michel Polnareff- Love me, Please love me
Michel is such an incredible vocalist and pianist, that he can concentrate on the emotion of the song. It really shows in this one.
The Decemberists- The Bagman’s Gambit
This song takes you on an epic journey, and I definitely channeled this when I wrote “Two Sisters” (track 8 on Sapphires)


Lawrence Queer Youth Voice is hosting a film screening of “Paris is Burning” the classic documentary that explores ball culture in late 1980s Harlem. Touching on subjects from race, fashion, poverty, and HIV/AIDS, we’ll end the screening with a discussion on race and queer & trans youth identities. 


We work hard to make sure our events are safe, comfortable, and accessible spaces for people with disabilities and mental health needs. Penn House is wheelchair accessible. LQYV has a quiet space for those with sensory sensitivities, anxiety, or anyone who needs to take a break. We ask that you do not wear any fragrances to make sure that people with chemical sensitivities or allergies can attend.

If there are any questions you have about the event or would like to request an accommodation, please contact us at info@lawrencequeeryouthvoice.org.


La Guerre - The Mystery Of My Bed
From the album ‘Sapphires’