Well I’m all moved into my first grown up apartment! Its missing a few big pieces of furniture (couch, table, desk chair, etc) and internet, but its home already! Im so excited to get the chance to live on my own (mostly-Matt) and feel like more of an adult by paying my own bills with my own money! Once I get my cat and furniture in the next two weeks- I will be ready to start my life in this beautiful place

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Hi! Anonymous opinion anon here (lol sounds funny) I'd love a summarization of your thoughts. I'd like to know how would you write it!!


Okay, so- It’s not perfectly planned out or anything. In fact, it’s a very rough idea. But basically, it’s set a few years in the future and everyone has moved on. Niall and Ashton have remained good friends, Ashton and Luke are living together, and Niall and Harry are engaged and in the beginning stages of planning their wedding. (Niall proposed.)

Anyway- Niall winds up asking Ashton to be his best man. Ashton is a bit taken back, at first, for obvious reasons – and so is Harry when Niall brings it up, also for obvious reasons, but the thing is this: Niall can’t really imagine anyone else being his best man. Harry knows him more than anyone, but Ashton is a close second. Ashton is sort of still a part of Niall, having grown up together and been together for so long before and having most of their lives be more or less intertwined, and as awkward as everyone predicts it to be at first, it feels wrong to Niall to ask anybody else. So, needless to say, Harry agrees and Ashton says yes.

So the real wedding planning begins. And Niall and Ashton wind up spending a lot of time together because of it. And Harry is okay with it – until he isn’t. It’s not that he doesn’t trust Niall, or even Ashton for that matter, it’s just- He’s jealous. Probably irrationally so. And that’s the angsty part. Because Harry doesn’t want to say anything; he doesn’t want to make anything weird, or more stressful because planning a wedding is stressful enough without him losing his head over the fact that his fiance is planning their wedding with his ex-boyfriend… So he keeps it bottled in for a while, apart from complaining to his friends, until he can’t anymore.

There’s a fight about it, naturally. And maybe there’s a question about whether or not they’re even ready to get married…

And that’s about as much as I know right now!