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I just got home from (original) book club. It was fun! And, now I’m starting next month’s book club book. The husband said I bullied Natalie into telling me what it was early…but I prefer the term “charmed aggressively.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s quite thick so I’d better get started so I can loan it to one of the other girls in adequate time! Natalie and I typically like similar books, so I’m excited! I gave her The Hate U Give, so we’ll get to discuss it soon!

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Prince SD Intro - Before and Now

blackcreed97  asked:

I've been wondering, if your Frisk somehow ended up in Undertale's timeline, how would she react to things like: a younger Frisk, a living Toriel, a soulless Asriel, the bros, Undyne, Alphys, a broken king, and a genocidal megalomaniacal Character?

(Sorry I took so long to answer) Yeah, I’ve been wondering about this a few times myself. The world she grew up in is pretty different from the canon UT world. She certainly would get extremely confused and distressed about it, probably assuming monsters were tricking her at first.

As she is currently, maybe she would figure out things were really out of place from seeing Toriel, but she could also assume she was a different boss monster from the queen, or alternatively, she could misinterpret Toriel’s exile as being actually part of the history of her own world that had been covered up, at least for a time.

She trusts Papyrus, so her interaction with him would certainly influence her decision a lot. She may try to convince him to renounce going into the Royal Guard, given it’s actively killing humans in her world, and she would not shy away from telling him that the king would use his army to kill humans.

She doesn’t trust Sans and would not hide it. Maybe unconsciously try to reproduce the interaction she has with SD!Sans and be thrown off, because canon Sans does not react the same way.

A Frisk that would look like her would be incredibly disturbing, but she’d resolve to protect them either way; SD!Frisk is fond of children, even more so Human ones. A completely pacifist Frisk would probably unsettle her and she’d try to convince them to defend themselve, and actively try to protect them herself whether they do or not. She may try to figure out who this Frisk is and why they ended up here, trying to act as a big sister of sort. Because of her monstrous appearance, she would be especially careful to look non-threatening around them. She may have the idea of disguising canon Frisk as a monster to prevent them from being recognized as a human if she believes it will work.

She’d probably compare the monsters around with those she knew in her own world a lot once she figures out. It would bring another perspective to the war. It would probably be hard for her to be nice to Alphys even then.

She may scoff at Undyne for acting ‘childish’ even compared to her SD counterpart (and probably pay the price if she’s not careful) She would not take lightly to Undyne’s attitude toward humans, especially her child-killing tendency.

She would be unnerved by the monsters’ happy attitude about killing humans and waging war on them. The death of the human children would definitely affect her a lot.

She would try to get to Asgore herself; because she would want him to pay for his crimes and prevent him from making a war on humans in this world as well. She would accompany canon Frisk to prevent them from dying and have their soul taken if she can. If she goes through New Home and sees the king, her attitude to him may change a bit, and she may try to convince him more verbally, but she would refuse to let him keep the souls locked as they are. She may reveal the truth about their consciousness once she realizes the king has no idea about it.

She would also assume Asriel was alive until being told otherwise. She would probably feel very disturbed about learning that the main difference in between this world and hers was Asriel’s death. She may try to make sense of it through her faith, but it may be a hard toll on her. She has no idea who Flowey is, so until he reveals himself, she would think of him as a creepy monster flower, probably.

Her reaction to knowing Asriel is soulless in this world and to a genocidal Frisk/Chara killing off the monsters would probably be a bit similar. A part of her would feel like the monsters/Asriel deserve what happened to them because of what they did to the humans in her world, like a divine punishement. At the same time, she would also know this is at least partly irrational because those are not the same persons and it would bring a lot of conflict in her. Especially once she sees genocidal Frisk killing undiscriminately the ‘guilty’ and the ‘innocents’. The concept of a souless person like Flowey would be particularly horrific to her, a person of faith. Asriel having a child form would probably impact her greatly.

Because of her stance on children and humans, she would try to avoid hurting a genocidal Frisk, but she would go to restrain them, maybe try and talk to them if she can and figure out why they’re doing what they’re doing. If she has not figured out she’s in another world by the time she cross their path, she’d assume they’re acting like most humans from her world would in her world and just kill their monster enemies like they’re expected to for humanity’s surival.

Because she never had to deal with it, if this is an instance where NarraChara is a thing, she most likely won’t be able to spot it. She may see things as off and consider mental illness. Potentially, with help, she could link it to what happens when a monster absorb a human soul, in which case she’d grow horrified at the prospect of two people in one body like that, with one trying to take over the other.

There’s much more that could be speculated, but I think this is good for now. XD Thank you for that ask, though; this was a fun exercice! A lot of what would happen would depend on the situation, of course! Those are just my basic thoughts on it!


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