Rozen Boy par AyuAna

The Final Battle: The General Vs. Everyone
  • Zero, others:Take care of the Princess, Shute!
  • Shute:I will!
  • <Shute proceeds to get kidnapped. The Princess, a little near accident with turbulence aside, is totally okay. this is in the frame of reference of giant spiky rockets flying around everywhere.>
  • Princess Relejimana Miya du Lacroa:O Mana, who dwells in all the universe, please send the most useful possible thing in this situation, and please make everybody stop trying to protect me. That one time Lacroa got conquered was a fluke. I've literally got magic shield powers. I'm fine.

Nanatsu no Taizai 189:

You both better be alive…

Derriere has some real angry issues. Now I want to known her backstory all the more.

Monspiet “our current predicament is less than ideal to my abilities”- What exacly are your abilities and commandment? I know he has some fire-related powers and that he can summon demons like he did this chapter, but that’s all. I want to know more.

Melizabeth moment was cute. It’s nice to see Meliodas blushing for a change. He wasn’t expecting that line. Even Zaratras was blushing.

“Demon party”? sounds like a fun chapter but I hope Meliodas didn’t slaughter them all on his own.

900 Follower Gift: Kunikida x Reader

Pairing: Kunikida x Cop!AbilityUser!Reader
Genre: Action, humor, romance
Word count: 3300+
Notes: Your “Ability” Jumper works like the Fairy Tail “Guns Magic” that was used by Wally. When you use your gun to shot, you can make portals and the second portal, where your bullet comes out, can be behind your enemy, suprising him. However the condition for the portals is, that you have to see the area where you want to put the portal.
My OCs are from the authors Minako Oba with the Ability Last Man Standing (Reference: Birds Playing the Fiddle) and Saeko Himura (though they’re sisters and Saeko is only her undercover name) with the Ability Tears of Mermaid
Please understand that my OCs are my property and I don’t want them to be used in other literature. But feel free to draw them ♥
Also please don’t expect fluffly romance stuff, this is a plot based oneshot with action and feels towards the reader and someone else.

A gentle summer breeze tickled through your hair. You raised your hand and held your hair out of your face to prevent it from blocking your vision. The red brick row building before you was familiar with you. You were a cop and working with the Agency was one of your main tasks. A faint sigh escaped your lips and you shook your head. “It’s my job..“ you murmured and entered the building.

The Armed Detective Agency wasn’t an unknown quantity at your police station and you worked with them quite often. Especially Ranpo Edogawa was involved with you the most, since he had this amazing apprehension and solved the most difficult cases in no time. Though you didn’t get along with his personality and arrogance. Ranpo often complained about your behavior – the one of you ignoring him. You didn’t mind his antics and thought that he would grow up soon.

You took a scrunchy from your pocket and made a pony tail before you nodded to yourself. “Let’s get this over with.“

“Welcome to the Armed Detect..- Oh, hello [Y/n]-chan! Nice to see you.“ Kenji greeted you with a smile. You smiled back. “You’re always in a good mood Kenji-kun. Your comrades should follow your example.“ you chuckled when your gaze fell on a certain office spot. Kunikida’s yelling could even be heard as you took the stairs. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU DAZAI! If you don’t move your lazy ass, I will..“ Kunikida’s sentence stopped when he heard you clearing your throat behind him.

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August 28th, 2016

Dear diary,

As you surely remember, Rich made a little fuss yesterday because of that enchanting picture I painted of him….

It was cruel and mean and obscene!!! D:

But still beautiful. :D

It was just pornographic! <.<

Be quiet, nobody is asking you! xD

And this morning Rich had no better idea than being really nasty to me! I mean I made every imaginable effort to create such a piece of art and that’s how he thanked me! I’m a little offended right now…. :p

XD This was so funny!

Do you know what he did? He got up while I was still sleeping. You know I’ve got a really deep sleep so I didn’t notice how he took away my blanket. It’s really hot during night so I didn’t wear very much when I went to bed…

*wispers* He doesn’t wear anything! *giggles*

And then Rich had the insolence to take photos from me. And not just one! I think he filled the whole memory card!

The best part was when you woke up! I think I never saw you more angry! XD

That was so mean of you!!!

You looked so cute with your hair sticking up in every direction and running after me furiously and naked! XD I think I’ll make a collage of these photos! (And no worries, there is nothing to see on there except your upper body. And once, your butt.)

Don’t you dare! If you do this I’ll put your painting on ebay! D:

O.O Damn it! :p